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Dave Roemer | 7 months ago in Poker Mindset

In this article we discuss Discord, which is a fantastic online chat room where players can chat about poker strategy and more in real time with one another.

PokerStars Discord has many different channels that members may participate in. Besides the ‘general’ channel where members chat about a wide variety of both poker and non-poker related topics, there are channels such as ‘news & announcements’ where you can read the latest from PokerStars, dedicated game channels like ‘WCOOP’, the ‘rail party’ channel where you can find fellow players to rail on a deep run or post for support yourself during your games, and the ‘padded tilt room’ where almost anything goes towards venting your frustrations.

And, of course, there is the ‘PokerStars School’ channel, where members post hands for feedback, ask strategy questions, and have sometimes in depth discussions about strategies or spots. Here’s a recap of some discussions that took place recently.

One hand discussed came from player ZoNTrA1996, who asks: ‘Can you guys tell me if this is the correct call (we were getting close to bubble, but I wouldn’t be able to get ITM just with folding)’.

Dale was the first to comment: “Close to the bubble with 10BB, woudn’t get into ITM”… You’d have survived until ITM with 100 people left until the bubble. Bad call imo, but it paid off I guess.

JWK24 consulted the push/fold charts to arrive at a more mathematical answer: 22+ Ax+ K6s+ K9o+ Q9s+ QTo+ JTs T9s is our call range. Snap call! We’re not playing for a min cash.

Hoenhiem88 agreed: Good call, bubble is irrelevant unless you are like the exact bubble but you should be playing to win not just to cash especially if you are following BRM.

Some debate continued slanted along a results oriented view from Dale: ‘and when he turns up with AA then you’ll say it was a bad call. Just better spots to pick than dumping it in with KJ

Which Hoenhiem88 refuted with words of wisdom: Profitable poker is about plus ev spots over thousands of hands. It’s not a bad hand, a bad hand is relative to stack size, action and position.

So in this spot based on the villains stack size and position they can shove a certain % of hands 33.9% to be exact so we can profitably call with 29.7% so even if you lose here it’s irrelevant because it’s a profitable call long term and making you money and giving you a stack to compete and fight and get those Final tables. Just for clarity on position if the player had shoved from UTG and folded to you your call range is 44+ A5s A7s+ A9o+ KJs+ KQo a whole lot tighter than what we said originally that’s because the later you are to act the wider you shove. And if you really want to start getting these deep runs on a regular basis you need to keep looking at these spots and checking them on the charts to drill in these ranges.

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