How did you Start Playing Poker?

PokerStarsSchool | 3 months ago in Poker Theory and Concepts

We asked our PokerStars School Community Team, how they started playing poker and here’s what we found out.

Name: Paul Jones (royalraise85)
Role at School: Community Coordinator
I started playing poker back in early 2011 and I quickly fell in love with the game. Stumbling across PokerStars School when I did an internet search for ‘learn poker’ I joined up to the school here and have been hooked ever since. I’ve been lucky enough to work for the school as a Community Coordinator and there’s a great bunch of people here, all eager to learn more about the game and improve their skills. Overall winner of the 2012 PokerStars World Blogging Championship!

Name: Dave Roemer (TheLangolier)
Role at School: Content Writer
I first learned poker as a boy, playing around the kitchen table with my family. It was actually my Grandparents who taught me the basics., and that’s how I started out. I became a true student of the game however in 1998 after moving to Las Vegas so overall now I’ve been learning about poker for 20 years and more. I’ve years of experience as a poker coach but here at PokerStars School and also with private coaching. I’ve learned to play all variants from PLO and O/8, as well as the Stud variants with a reasonable degree of skill. Although I began playing Limit Hold’em originally good old fashioned No-Limit Hold’em remains my favourite today. I like cash games and tournaments alike. View Daves Articles.

Name: John Kniska (JWK24)
Role at School: Moderator
I grew up playing all kinds of card games and learned many of them from the book ‘According to Hoyle’. I began playing poker from a very early age and started off learning the 5-card-draw variant of Texas Hold’em. I played on weekends all through high-school and college and then started playing more seriously in the late ’90s. My favourite game is Sit & Go’s, both 45 & 90-mans.

Name: John Bowman (Delliks)
Role at School: Poker Education Manager
Back in 2000 I starting playing poker with work colleagues during lunch breaks for fun, then I discovered online poker which was even more fun. In the beginning I tested out play money and freerolls before making the move to small-stakes real money poker. I also love to play live whenever I can. It’s hard to believe that I’m playing poker 19 years now, I really should be much better! As a full-time staff member I’m not allowed to play on PokerStars but if I could then I think Spin & Go’s would be my favourite game.

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