Platinum Madness, the new board game from PokerStars, is your way to win a share of over $1,000,000 in prizes between February 10-March 1, 2020. Featured among these prizes are 21 Platinum Passes; the $30,000-valued ticket to the PSPC in Barcelona this August.

To get started, here’s what you have to do:

  • Opt-in to the Platinum Madness Challenge via your Challenges Window
  • Play real money games and win Stars Reward Chests containing dice rolls
  • Roll a dice to move that number of spaces across the board, and land on PSPC Chests to earn prizes – plus a chance to win a Platinum Pass. Land on a ladder to climb upwards and make it to the end of the board faster.
  • Complete the board and win additional prizes and more chances for a Platinum Pass!
  • Watch out for extra challenges in your Challenges Window to win additional dice rolls

Here are the ways you can win in Platinum Madness:

  • Platinum Madness Welcome Freeroll: make sure you opt-in to the first day of Platinum Madness (between 10:00 ET and 23:59 ET on February 10) and you will receive a ticket to the Platinum Madness Welcome Freeroll on February 11 at 15:00 ET. In this special freeroll, you can win big prizes including the first available Platinum Pass of the promotion!
  • PSPC Chests: Land on a chest and win a prize, ranging up to the almighty $30k Platinum Pass
  • Fight to the Finish Line: players who reach the end of the board, Square 49, will receive an extra PSPC Chest with a larger reward, featuring a shot at one of five Platinum Passes.
  • Last Chance Freeroll: Players who haven’t won a Platinum Pass during the promotion are invited to the Last Chance Freeroll, taking place March 2 at 15:00 ET.

For full information and promotion terms and conditions, head to the PokerStars website.


Don’t forget, if you want to brush up on your tournament play before either of the freerolls, you can get check out our Multi-Table Tournament course!