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  • 9 Flush Draw Obsession
    By / 19 Nov 2018 /
    You put them on a flush draw, right? Did you know this could be one of your most common poker leaks? Pete explains all in this video.
  • 9 Auto Checking Scare Cards
    By / 18 Nov 2018 /
    This is a very common poker leak, where players instinctively check an unfriendly looking card without stopping to think if another course of action is better. Watch to find out more.
  • 11 Crystal Ballers
    By / 19 Oct 2018 /
    Some players lack a solid thought process when playing the game and try to answer difficult questions with unreliable reads and knowledge. In this video Pete tells us how we can avoid this common poker pitfall.
  • 7 Flatting in the Small Blind
    By / 13 Aug 2018 /
    Flat-calling in the Small-blind position can be a huge leak in your poker game as Pete Clarke explains in the latest episode of Poker Pitfalls.
  • 2 How to Play UNFOLD Poker
    By / 08 Aug 2018 /
    UNFOLD poker is a popular new variant of No limit Hold'em Poker brought to you by PokerStars. In this Twitch stream Pete Clarke shares with you strategies for playing this new game.
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