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  • 15 $60 Spin Game Play
    By / 01 Jan 2019 /
    So now we've gone through all of the basic pre-flop strategy, we've gone through some lower limits on how to play Spin & Go's, it's about time that we checked out some of the higher limits as well just to see what could be facing you if you are dabbled...
  • 6 Blinds, Stacks, & Position
    By / 01 Jan 2019 /
    In this video series we will be covering the theory behind how to play and win at Spin & Go's and put it into practice with some live plays and session reviews. The first thing we are going to look at is the blind structure and stack size of Spin...
  • 20 Basic Game Play
    By / 01 Jan 2019 /
    So, what is a Spin & Go? A Spin & Go is a 3 player, single table, winner take all, hyper turbo sit and go with a variable prize pool where you can win anywhere from 2 times your buy-in to 10,000 times your buy-in. Watch as we break this down some...
  • 6 Should You Take Part in the Bad Beat Venting?
    By / 31 Dec 2018 /
    This is an article about the pros and cons of using bad beat forums like the Padded Tilt Room on the PokerStars Discord for sharing your bad beats.
  • 13 Which is the Better Skill, Reading Players vs. Calculating Odds?
    By / 28 Dec 2018 /
    This is an article highlighting the question of the week thread about the ability to read players versus the ability to calculate odds.
  • 25 Early Game Opening Ranges
    By / 18 Dec 2018 /
    The start of the tournament is often where your biggest edge will exist. This is due to the larger stack depth of 25 big blinds allowing for bigger in mistakes from weaker opposition. A solid pre-flop strategy will immediately stand us in good stead and...
  • 1 Think Twice Before Playing Lemming Poker
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    This is an article about how to progress in your poker game without modeling the wrong types of players.
  • 5 Time to Win at the PSPC
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    Watch this video where 'MacDaddy19830' receives some one-to-one live tournament coaching from our trainer Dave 'TheLangolier' Roemer on Twitch.
  • 60 Winning and Variance
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    The Spin & Go is one of the most exciting and fast paced forms of poker available. Players compete in a three-handed turbo format Sit and Go where the prize pool is spun randomly at the beginning of the tournament.
  • 17 Defending the Big Blind in the Early Stages
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    The most common attacks that will be made against our big blind in the early stages of the tournament are the BU min-raise and the SB 2.5x raise. The reason that the SB picks a bigger size is that our equity is more realizable as the BB when in position...
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