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  • 8 Ramon Colillas Poker Analysis | Part 2
    By / 14 Jun 2019 /
    In Part 1, we looked at some interesting hands played by eventual winner Ramon Colillas at the 2019 PokerStars Players Championship at the final table. We will continue the series now, picking up the play with 4 handed action. At 2:05, with the blinds...
  • 9 A True Master Wins Again
    By / 12 Jun 2019 /
    Anyone and everyone that follows sport in any way can tell you that it's relatively common for a sportsperson to win a title. Across the globe, champions are being made all the time. What makes a true sportsperson stand out from the rest is a pattern...
  • 5 Inside the Mind of a Pro | Overbetting the River
    By / 12 Jun 2019 /
    Overbetting the river is one of the most extreme ways of applying pressure to an opponent. As always, we shall delve into a session I just played where two spots came up that showcased this line.
  • 12 The Long Days Are Worth It
    By / 11 Jun 2019 /
    Back in February of this year we chatted with, a 23-year-old economics graduate from Edinburgh about his huge success in the PokerStars Turbo series. This month we're back chatting with Dave again this time about his huge win in this year's Spring Championship...
  • 6 Are You a 'Gritty' Poker Player?
    By / 11 Jun 2019 /
    Some of my students stick at poker and end up being successful while others drop out and give up the serious pursuit of poker glory. What separates these two groups of players? To a minimal extent there are factors such as natural logical problem-solving...
  • 5 Inside the Mind of a Pro | Making Tough Folds
    By / 10 Jun 2019 /
    One skill that will always grant you an edge over the general population is the ability to make tough folds when you know your opponent is likely to be bluffing a spot less than he should in theory.
  • 13 I never won anything like this in my life!
    By / 10 Jun 2019 /
    In this latest Winners Wall interview, we chat with PokerStars School member RayPinu about winning the Initiation leaderboard during the month of May and find out what it means to him.
  • 9 Success in the Sunday Million
    By / 05 Jun 2019 /
    All poker players would like to be able to boast of a big prize in a huge poker tournament, of being able to tell their mates that they had a deep run in the Sunday Million.
  • 10 In The Money for SCOOP!
    By / 04 Jun 2019 /
    In this Winners Wall interview, we chat with PokerStars School member 'Taurus221'. Those of you that are familiar with his blog in the forum might already know that he had two in the month finishes in SCOOP events on the same day. We took time out to...
  • 13 Inside the Mind of a Poker Pro | Playing Good Hands
    By / 04 Jun 2019 /
    In this poker strategy article we examine two hands where having a strong but not nutted hand puts us in a close and tricky situation. These hands both happened to me recently at $100NL Zoom on PokerStars.
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