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  • 10 What is BB/100? | Poker Explained
    By / 26 Apr 2019 /
    You have probably heard players boasting or moaning about their BB/100 in the game they play, but what are they talking about? In this article we are going to learn how to track your edge in the game you frequent, using this very popular metric.
  • 4 3 Top Tips for Double Barreling
    By / 16 Apr 2019 /
    We all learn the importance of making flop continuation-bets at an early point in our poker career. What we might struggle with is the automatic question that arises upon our C-Bet getting called: "Now What?".
  • 16 Pros and Cons of Turning Professional at Poker
    By / 11 Apr 2019 /
    What distinguishes poker from other hobbies is its latent potential to become more than just a hobby, if you can become good enough. For some, turning professional is a dream that never quite happens, for others its an accident that sets them up for...
  • 3 Risk Assessment in Poker
    By / 05 Apr 2019 /
    Risk assessment failure in poker is caused by the belief that to make an investment, the situation must be more favorable than 50:50. As we shall see, this is almost never the case.
  • 5 The Psychology of Folding
    By / 04 Apr 2019 /
    We all know that making disciplined folds when the evidence points that way is part of a successful winning game. Executing those folds, however, is another battle altogether.
  • 13 The Dos and Don’ts of Overbetting
    By / 03 Apr 2019 /
    Overbetting: meaning betting more than what is in the pot is one such craze that has taken hold in 2018-2019. This guide will help you get on board with overbetting in a sensible and informed way, avoiding the pitfalls of overbetting in all the wrong...
  • 7 Five Tips on Medium Suited Connectors
    By / 02 Apr 2019 /
    Let's face it. We all have a slight affection for the aesthetically pleasing 87s and its close relatives. However, because of their shiny appearance, these are some of the most misplayed starting hands in No Limit Holdem. How should we go about maximising...
  • 8 Five Signs that You Are Ready to Move Up in Stakes
    By / 29 Mar 2019 /
    Moving up in stakes can be one of the most exciting moments in your poker career, but when is it safe to take a shot at the next stake? This article uses cash games as a blueprint, but similar advice also applies to tournament players. Here are five signs...
  • 4 Short Stacking in Cash Games
    By / 27 Mar 2019 /
    Most cash game players tend to be drawn to 100BB full-stacked play, but this is not the only option if you want to be profitable cash game player. At Zoom tables the minimum buy in is 50BB. At regular cash tables we have the option of buying in for 40BB,...
  • 9 Types of Live Poker Player
    By / 22 Mar 2019 /
    The live player is a more interesting specimen to study than his online counterpart because we can make reads based on more human demographics such as age, behaviours, poker chat, emotional control, and more.
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