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  • 2 Fear of Math Playing Poker
    By / 11 Sep 2018 /
    Mathaphobia, the fear of math when playing poker. As you might have guessed it's crucial to have a basic knowledge of math and how to use it to win at poker. In this video Pete explains all.
  • 5 Folding Now or Never
    By / 15 Aug 2019 /
    At the heart of game theory lies the concept of gradual range filtering. This means that as each street goes by and as more money goes into the pot, ranges slowly become narrower, or more filtered.
  • 6 When to Play Bad Off-Suit Aces in Cash Games
    By / 15 Aug 2019 /
    Today's star of the show is one of the worst starting hands that avoids the category of 'total trash'. While no one really has a story about a time they played 83o and won a big pot, off-suit aces do sometimes feature in eventful hands.
  • 3 Four Modern Poker Play Styles
    By / 15 Aug 2019 /
    Many of the poker playing styles we used to think about as optional have been reduced to absurdity by modern poker theory and have become much rarer than they used to be.
  • 3 Over-Rated Starting Hands in Pot Limit Omaha
    By / 15 Aug 2019 /
    One of the biggest areas of confusion when a Holdem player tries his hand at PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) is starting hand selection. Hands that have a strong visual appeal due to the conditioning of years of Holdem can often be dangerous, if not trashy in...
  • 9 Broken Poker Slogans | ‘Play the Player, Not the Cards’
    By / 15 Aug 2019 /
    In this series of articles, I play the role of grumpy coach and debunk some of the most harmful myths about the game. New players are already overwhelmed and confused enough by the complexity of poker and the vast quantity of information that's out...
  • 7 When to Trust your Instincts in Poker
    By / 15 Aug 2019 /
    Instincts are useful things in everyday life. They accelerate thought processes by making judgments behind the scenes. The subconscious mind is much faster than the deliberative conscious mind at solving simple or well-known problems.
  • 5 Inside the Mind of a Pro – A Strange 3-Bet
    By / 15 Aug 2019 /
    Today's hand features a line I almost never take because, in most situations, it's theoretically unsound. In poker, however, there is a time and a place for almost anything if the right cocktail of reads exists. Let's get into it.
  • 3 Inside the Mind of a Pro – Reg Battles in a 3-Bet Pot
    By / 08 Jul 2019 /
    Today's hand is a late position 3-Bet pot at 100NL Zoom. These are the sort of common situations that can become quite aggressive especially if the regulars in question have history and egos.
  • 10 Working Socially on your Poker Game
    By / 03 Jul 2019 /
    When I was first coming up the ranks, I was fortunate enough to be part of a thriving community back in the days of free information. Before training sites started charging subscriptions, some top players were handing out golden information for free.
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