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  • 5 Missing Value Playing Poker
    By / 24 Aug 2018 /
    In this Poker Pitfall video we look at the topic of missing out on value by failing to win enough chips with our good hands.
  • 9 UNFOLD Poker and Board Texture
    By / 05 Aug 2018 /
    Learn all the strategy needed to crush PokerStars latest game called 'UNFOLD' and reap the benefits.
  • 15 Poker Guide: Self-Criticism in Poker
    By / 01 Dec 2017 /
    Neglecting discipline allows your bad mental game habits and a lack of professionalism to run riot. Meanwhile, being an unforgiving self-dictator causes a drop in confidence and a negative association with making mistakes, which are, after all, completely...
  • 13 Defending Your Opens Against 3-Bets
    By / 12 Nov 2017 /
    Opening range charts are a dime a dozen. The aspiring player is usually very familiar with the types of hands that should be open-raised from each position on the 6-max table. What is far more confusing is the struggle that follows when those opening...
  • 9 Living on an Island
    By / 09 May 2019 /
    We chat to school member 'Harold_House' and we hear from him how you can achieve whatever you want in poker when you really try to study the game hard, review hands, and soak up all the strategy information provided here at PokerStars School.
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