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  • 22 Gearing Up For SCOOP | General Tournament Strategy
    By / 01 May 2019 /
    The Spring Championships of Online Poker (SCOOP) kicks off on Sunday May 12th 2019 and it is likely that you will be entering much larger tournaments than usual. Therefore, it is important to learn what strategic demands the larger field size places on...
  • 91 Early Game Opening Ranges
    By / 18 Dec 2018 /
    The start of the tournament is often where your biggest edge will exist. This is due to the larger stack depth of 25 big blinds allowing for bigger in mistakes from weaker opposition. A solid pre-flop strategy will immediately stand us in good stead and...
  • 22 Bluffing the Turn
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    Spin & Gos are some of the softer games on PokerStars for obvious reasons. The lightning quick structure and chance of a huge score acts as a lure for recreational players who do not have the time to grind cash games or MTTs.
  • 68 Defending the Big Blind in the Early Stages
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    The most common attacks that will be made against our big blind in the early stages of the tournament are the BU min-raise and the SB 2.5x raise. The reason that the SB picks a bigger size is that our equity is more realizable as the BB when in position...
  • 60 Dealing with Limps in the Early Stages
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    Although we have recommended a raise or fold strategy from the BU, we must be prepared to face limps from weaker players who are not aware of the advantages of min-raising at 25BB stack sizes.
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