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  • 9 Late Stage Preflop Strategy
    By / 08 Mar 2019 /
    In this video we discuss the later stages of a tournament, a crucial stage if you want to be a profitable player and make it into the money. We review a final table and talk about the different scenarios that arise and also chat about changing gears as...
  • 7 Early Stage Preflop Strategy Part 2
    By / 08 Mar 2019 /
    In this episode we continue our discussion on strategy for early-stage preflop play particularly when should we call and when should we 3-bet? Watch the video to find out more.
  • 11 Fighting for Small Multiway Pots
    By / 08 Mar 2019 /
    One of the most overlooked areas of the game, where countless big blinds can be added to your win-rate, are the smaller unglamorous pots – the ones that no one seems to want. Spotting a pot that is being checked down by two or more opponents and finding...
  • 12 Finding your Poker Style
    By / 07 Mar 2019 /
    Your 'Poker Style' is not an excuse to play however you want. Players who are too passive, too crazily aggressive, or too tight will be losing players and such approaches to the game are not going to be considered valid styles of play in this article....
  • 18 Tips for Playing in The League
    By / 06 Mar 2019 /
    The League offers the unique opportunity to test your skills against other members without having to risk a penny. As if that wasn't enough of an incentive, each month, we will be giving away thousands of dollars in prize money.
  • 15 Every Table is Different | Adjust Your Strategy
    By / 05 Mar 2019 /
    In this Winners Wall article we interview long-time PokerStars School member Shaun '73REX73' Emmerson to find out about the great month he had in February, how he got into poker in the first place and his biggest tournament win to date.
  • 3 Observing Your ZOOM Opponents and Taking Notes
    By / 04 Mar 2019 /
    In the modern age, where the fast-paced action of Zoom poker so popular, the skill of opponent observation is becoming somewhat of a lost art. In this article we rediscover how to tag, note-take and gather information on your opponents.
  • 15 Getting your Claws into The League
    By / 02 Mar 2019 /
    Canadian player Jon 'bearclaws8989' Bear won the Initiation League during February. In this Winner Wall interview, we catch up with him to find out a little more about what he thinks of the new format league.
  • 25 Win a Spin & Go - How it's done!
    By / 01 Mar 2019 /
    Find out how PokerStars School player 'marcelodalto' won $150,000 on a Spin & Go as we look back on his tournament review.
  • 5 Zoom Preflop Perfection
    By / 28 Feb 2019 /
    In this video PokerStars Team Pro player Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders wraps up the preflop strategy advice he's been giving so far with some more golden nuggets that will help you crush the ZOOM tables. Watch the video to learn more.
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