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  • 13 The King's Been Crowned Champion
    By / 03 Jul 2019 /
    Who better than a King to be crowned a champion! Well, that's exactly what happened this month when PokerStars player 'KingErce' took down the Master League at PokerStars School and won a total of T$ 500 in tournament dollars. We caught up with him to...
  • 10 Working Socially on your Poker Game
    By / 03 Jul 2019 /
    When I was first coming up the ranks, I was fortunate enough to be part of a thriving community back in the days of free information. Before training sites started charging subscriptions, some top players were handing out golden information for free.
  • 15 Inside the Mind of a Pro | A Surprising Showdown
    By / 02 Jul 2019 /
    It is tempting to think we are omniscient about the meaning of our opponent's behaviour at the tables. To think that we can put players on very accurate ranges or even guess their hand is a deeply rooted instinct that comes from usually knowing exactly...
  • 5 Headsup | Trusting Your Instincts
    By / 29 Jun 2019 /
    James is back with episode 8 of his Turbo Headsup series and this time he's really jumping in at the deep end taking on the challenge of the $200 buy-in level.
  • 6 Spin & Go Live Play $1 | Adjusting for recreational players
    By / 28 Jun 2019 /
    In his latest video Nick from the OP-Poker team jumps into the $1 Spin & Go stakes at the request of the PokerStars School community who want to know how to make adjustments when they find themselves up against a more recreational-heavy based player...
  • 16 James Binks A Big Spin
    By / 28 Jun 2019 /
    If you're a regular viewer of the OP-POker Twitch streams you may have seen James recently binking a Spin & Go for $3.6K! We caught up with James for a quick interview.
  • 283 Path to Sunday Million
    By / 28 Jun 2019 /
    The Sunday Million is the biggest weekly PokerStars event, taking place every Sunday. With a guaranteed prize pool of a huge $1 million, a first place finish is regularly worth over $100,000.
  • 7 Triple Barrel Bluffs and Tournament Life
    By / 26 Jun 2019 /
    Perhaps the most unique strategic nuance of an MMT is the constant threat to your tournament life. Busting from a tournament represents a very large drop in expectation as it results in an immediate loss of your buy-in, but more importantly, a 0% chance...
  • 21 Using ZOOM to Optimise Session Length
    By / 25 Jun 2019 /
    Poker is a bit like a sport. You battle against competitors to win glory and money. Over the long run, the strongest players come out on top and staying in top mental condition during your session is crucial to high levels of performance. For tournament...
  • 10 3 Poker Reasoning Traps You’ll Want to Avoid
    By / 19 Jun 2019 /
    Poker is a treacherous game, full of logical pitfalls. The following three logical traps are the most common ones I see in my students' games. Make sure you avoid them.
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