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  • 19 Winning Big for a Small Buy-in
    By / 20 Jan 2019 /
    Here's a short interview with PokerStars School player Steve '20Mo_MoneY01' Dumais who finished 4th in a Bounty Builder tournament for $578.54. What's even better he managed to satellite into this $44 tournament for just a mere $3.30. Let's hear...
  • 14 An Amazing Trip for our Platinum Pass Winner
    By / 18 Jan 2019 /
    The dust has finally settled on the inaugural PokerStars Players Championship in the Bahamas, and what a historic event it turned out to be, with every player at the final table becoming millionaires, and the eventual winner 30-year-old Ramon Colillas...
  • 12 Short-Term vs. Long-Term EV in Turbos
    By / 18 Jan 2019 /
    This article will be a little more theoretical than usual. We shall focus on the distinction between two types of EV and how to choose which one is more important. In Turbo tournaments, we shall learn that short-term EV is by far the most important thing...
  • 27 How to Review Your Poker Hands
    By / 17 Jan 2019 /
    Hand Review's are something of which we should all probably do more, but how do we make it worthwhile? Some students feel lost when trying to think their way through a past hand without guidance. They worry that they will simply come to the wrong conclusions...
  • 30 Rules and Hand Rankings in 6+ Hold’em
    By / 15 Jan 2019 /
    Let's face it - fives, fours, threes, and twos got in the way a little bit in regular Holdem. They were consistent contributors to dry boring flops, blank turns, and no one ever making a hand. 6+ Hold'em (known conventionally as 'Short Deck') has been...
  • 12 Post-Flop Strategy in 6+ Hold’em
    By / 15 Jan 2019 /
    Having already acquainted ourselves with the differences in rules and pre-flop hand selection between 6+ Hold'em and regular Holdem, it is time to meet some post-flop nuances that make Six Plus a completely different game post-flop as well as...
  • 5 Pre-Flop Strategy in 6+ Hold’em
    By / 15 Jan 2019 /
    At first, transitioning from traditional Holdem to 6+ Hold'em is a little like being dropped onto an alien planet and trying to survive, but don't worry, we're here to help! Today our topic is the major shake-up to traditional hand selection brought by...
  • 28 Our Inaugural Community Tournament Winner
    By / 14 Jan 2019 /
    At PokerStars School, we like to encourage our members and give them a chance to grow their poker bankroll for free! The monthly Community Tournament is a great way to do just that with at least $1,000 GTD each and every month and it won't cost you a...
  • 43 Tips for Success in Turbo Tournaments
    By / 12 Jan 2019 /
    In this article we provide some top tips to set yourself up for success in turbo format poker tournaments.
  • 17 Turbo Tournaments – Three Top Tips
    By / 11 Jan 2019 /
    It's time to start getting your turbo game into shape. What are the main differences between turbo tournaments and regular paced ones, and how do we adjust to the ever-increasing blind levels?
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