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  • 10 5 Poker Player Types Who Under-Achieve
    By / 03 May 2019 /
    Sometimes my students have more than enough of skill to beat their current stakes but get stuck nevertheless. What is typically going on here is that their performance level is a lot lower than their maximum capacity due to problems that lie outside of...
  • 18 A Wild Ride at the Poker Tables
    By / 02 May 2019 /
    We love a good winning story at PokerStars School so naturally, we were delighted when we saw that school member Glen 'ryggermortis' Clifton recently won an $11 Mini Saturday KO for $1,634.68.
  • 4 5 Tips for Mastering Pot Control
    By / 02 May 2019 /
    Building the pot is often necessary and usually fun, but sometimes it is important to keep the bet and raise buttons on ice. Pot control is the art of keeping the pot manageable when you have a hand that cannot gain from betting or raising.
  • 14 10 SCOOP Tournaments you should play
    By / 01 May 2019 /
    The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) kicks-off this Sunday and promises to be one of the best series ever. Here's 10 tournaments you should definitely consider playing.
  • 23 Am I SCOOP Ready? | Planning, Bankroll, Mindset
    By / 01 May 2019 /
    The Spring Championships of Online Poker (SCOOP) is practically upon us with the starting date announced as Sunday May 12th 2019. Here is a checklist of things you will want to take care of to ensure that you are ready to tackle your favourite events...
  • 22 Gearing Up For SCOOP | General Tournament Strategy
    By / 01 May 2019 /
    The Spring Championships of Online Poker (SCOOP) kicks off on Sunday May 12th 2019 and it is likely that you will be entering much larger tournaments than usual. Therefore, it is important to learn what strategic demands the larger field size places on...
  • 13 How Pros Prepare for SCOOP
    By / 01 May 2019 /
    We wanted to get inside the mind of a Pro poker player to see how they prepare for such a huge series such as SCOOP.
  • 9 Nick Binks a Big Spin!
    By / 01 May 2019 /
    If you're a regular viewer of our live training session then you'll have come across a new streamer on our channel recently. In his last session Nick binked a big Spin & Go for $600 right at the end of his stream!
  • 4 How Decisions Affect your BB/100
    By / 29 Apr 2019 /
    One of the clearest demonstrations of how our poker choices affect BB/100 can be seen in the decision of whether or not to call a steal in the big blind. Read on to find out more...
  • 9 HeadsUp Strategy | An Introduction
    By / 29 Apr 2019 /
    In the first of a new series of videos focussing on heads-up games James from OP Poker talks us through how to select the heads-up format in the PokerStars client and covers the basics of heads-up strategy. Watch the video to learn more.
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