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  • + Opening the Pot
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    In this introductory lesson on 6-max cash games, we shall we defining not just what hands to raise pre-flop, but why to do so from each position on the table.
  • + When Someone Limps
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    When someone limps into the pot before the action reaches us, they are threatening to create quite the opposite environment from the one we are usually trying to set up.
  • 1 Continuation Betting
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    The simplest and often most effective strategy on the flop as the pre-flop raiser can be to c-bet regardless of hand strength and effectively bet every hand in your pre-flop opening range.
  • + Value Betting
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    Value betting is such an important skill. In fact, it is so essential that a failure to understand how to make and size value bets will make it technically impossible to become a winning player, even at the microstakes.
  • + Calling Opens
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    One mistake that haunts the novice's win-rate is often the propensity to call far too many opens. Then, as the poker player evolves from loose passive rank beginner to tight aggressive fledgling regular, he might even start to fold too much to open-raises,...
  • 1 3 Betting Preflop
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    3-Betting pre-flop is making a re-raise of an open or isolation raise. 3-Betting with a high frequency is an integral part of a healthy winning game.
  • + Facing 3 Bets
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    Our goal when defending our range to a 3-bet is to find the perfect balance between preventing Villain from profiting from 3-betting weak hand and avoiding becoming so call-happy that pure value ranges make too much money against us.
  • + Dealing with C Bets
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    We have already studied selective and unselective c-bet strategies in this series as well as how to defend our blinds against open raises. Now it is time to complete the picture by learning what to do as the defender when we face a c-bet on the flop,...
  • + Bluffing Later Streets
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    As we evolve as poker players, it is important to form a grasp of the technical ingredients to a profitable bluff and how to detect their presence in a hand.
  • + Mental Game in 6 Max Cash
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    Tilt is emotional interference that causes a drop in the player's level of logical decision-making. It can range from being tired or distracted to full-blown rage and having it out for a particular player.
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