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  • 4 Heads Up Vs a Tight Aggressive Player
    By / 19 May 2019 /
    James from the OP-Poker team is back with another video in his 'Heads Up Poker' series. We move up to the $7 heads-up turbos and discover that at this level we can expect to encounter some seriously strong amateur players, and maybe even some semi-pro...
  • 4 Three Requirements for Showing your Cards in a Live Game
    By / 19 May 2019 /
    As a spritely poker novice, I used to take great pleasure in showing every bluff I ever made. Such an approach can be dangerous and might actually affect your win-rate negatively if you do it at the wrong times. Read on to find out more...
  • 9 SCOOP Gets Bigger & Better
    By / 17 May 2019 /
    PokerStars is going to add five new events to this year's SCOOP schedule, including high, medium, and low events, which means there will be an additional 15 tournaments in total for you to play in this year.
  • 9 Playing Heads Up Vs Fast Aggressive Opponents
    By / 14 May 2019 /
    In the second video of his Heads-up series OP-Poker James is back and moving up to the $3.50 turbos. What kind of opponent can he expect to face? What strategy tips will he offer? And how can we learn to crush these tables? All will be revealed by watching...
  • 13 Evaluating My SCOOP Performance
    By / 13 May 2019 /
    With the arrival of SCOOP comes the need to take your game a little more seriously. Here's some tips to help you get the most out of analysing your game during and after this year's SCOOP.
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