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  • + PokerStars VR Sit & Go’s & New Features
    By / 05 Apr 2019 /
    PokerStars VR just got better with new features including PokerStars VR Sit & Go's, the ability to buy chips to top up your bankroll, and weekly Leader boards!
  • 3 The Dos and Don’ts of Overbetting
    By / 03 Apr 2019 /
    Overbetting: meaning betting more than what is in the pot is one such craze that has taken hold in 2018-2019. This guide will help you get on board with overbetting in a sensible and informed way, avoiding the pitfalls of overbetting in all the wrong...
  • 21 Finding the Time to Master Poker
    By / 03 Apr 2019 /
    In this Winners Wall interview we catch up with Canadian player Adam 'hooble1' Schmelzle who says that the hardest thing about winning The League Masters in March was not the tournaments themselves but actually finding the time to play in them. Read on...
  • 5 A Goldmine for Learning
    By / 02 Apr 2019 /
    In the last interview, we heard from 'merseymike5' who told us about how he finds the PokerStars School Twitch stream to be very beneficial to him for learning how to play poker. In this second installment on the same theme, we catch up with another familiar...
  • 7 Five Tips on Medium Suited Connectors
    By / 02 Apr 2019 /
    Let's face it. We all have a slight affection for the aesthetically pleasing 87s and its close relatives. However, because of their shiny appearance, these are some of the most misplayed starting hands in No Limit Holdem. How should we go about maximising...
  • 9 Poker Satellite Strategy
    By / 02 Apr 2019 /
    Later this month PokerStars are hosting the 13th Anniversary Sunday Million with $1 million to the eventual winner. This is naturally an event you will want to play and thousands of hopefuls will be attempt to do that via satellites. So it is the perfect...
  • 3 Welcome to Lex Live!
    By / 01 Apr 2019 /
    Here is an introduction to the inaugural Lex Live Tournament Series hosted by PokerStars.
  • 7 Learning Poker on Twitch
    By / 01 Apr 2019 /
    Many of you regulars here at PokerStars School will already know about our resident Twitch streamer Pete 'Carroters' Clarke who can be found on the school Twitch channel regularly playing live and offering advice to the watching members of our...
  • 17 Playing the Bubble
    By / 29 Mar 2019 /
    We're now almost halfway through this multi-table tournament course. In this video, we move on to the 'bubble' stage which describes any significant threshold in a tournament. The most common tournament bubbles are the initial money bubble and the final...
  • 11 Short Stack Post Flop Play
    By / 29 Mar 2019 /
    Imagine you're in a tournament and for whatever reason, your stack is not very short. What are the key things we need to consider? How can we use a short-stack to our advantage? Watch the video and the answers will be revealed.
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