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  • 30 Rules and Hand Rankings in 6+ Hold’em
    By / 15 Jan 2019 /
    Let's face it - fives, fours, threes, and twos got in the way a little bit in regular Holdem. They were consistent contributors to dry boring flops, blank turns, and no one ever making a hand. 6+ Hold'em (known conventionally as 'Short Deck') has been...
  • 11 PokerStars FUSION – Five Basic Tips
    By / 06 Nov 2018 /
    FUSION is a simple yet fascinating pot-limit hybrid of Holdem and Omaha. Players are dealt two hole cards before the flop, just like in Holdem. The twist occurs post-flop as when the flop comes down (three community cards as normal), remaining players...
  • 33 Flop Play In PokerStars FUSION
    By / 06 Nov 2018 /
    PokerStars FUSION, being a gradual transformation of Holdem into Omaha, features a very unique street – the flop, where we have not two, not four, but three hole cards!. Read on to find out more...
  • 29 Practical Preparation for a WCOOP Event
    By / 28 Aug 2018 /
    In this article we look at some of the practical preparation a poker player should be considering before registering for an important tournament such as a WCOOP event on PokerStars.
  • 17 UNFOLD Poker - Lighter than you Might Think
    By / 07 Aug 2018 /
    In this Unfold Poker strategy article we turn our attention to the precise matter of just how wide we should Unfold in certain situations to maximize our EV (expected value) in the long-term.
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