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  • 11 Short Stack Post Flop Play
    By / 29 Mar 2019 /
    Imagine you're in a tournament and for whatever reason, your stack is not very short. What are the key things we need to consider? How can we use a short-stack to our advantage? Watch the video and the answers will be revealed.
  • 7 Deep Stack Post Flop Play Part 3
    By / 25 Mar 2019 /
    In this video, we continue our discussion on post-flop play and look at some more hand examples and interesting spots to learn from.
  • 7 Deep Stack Post Flop Play Part 2
    By / 22 Mar 2019 /
    In this video, we continue our discussion on post-flop play this time talking about playing as the pre-flop raiser. What reasons should we consider before making a continuation bet or is it better to just check and see what our opponent(s) will do before...
  • 12 Evaluating Tendencies
    By / 18 Mar 2019 /
    It's true that a lot of poker players make the same mistakes again an again. If we are serious about being a profitable player then we need to be able to, not only not make the mistakes ourselves, but also to be able to identify the tendencies and mistakes...
  • 9 Deep Stack Post Flop Play Part 1
    By / 18 Mar 2019 /
    In this video we talk about Deepstack post-flop play which is widely regarded as the most complex part of a tournament. Why you may ask? It is because that there are so many variables and factors to take into account that it's not always easy to figure...
  • 10 Late Stage Preflop Strategy
    By / 08 Mar 2019 /
    In this video we discuss the later stages of a tournament, a crucial stage if you want to be a profitable player and make it into the money. We review a final table and talk about the different scenarios that arise and also chat about changing gears as...
  • 10 Early Stage Preflop Strategy Part 2
    By / 08 Mar 2019 /
    In this episode we continue our discussion on strategy for early-stage preflop play particularly when should we call and when should we 3-bet? Watch the video to find out more.
  • 25 Win a Spin & Go - How it's done!
    By / 01 Mar 2019 /
    Find out how PokerStars School player 'marcelodalto' won $150,000 on a Spin & Go as we look back on his tournament review.
  • 6 Zoom Preflop Perfection
    By / 28 Feb 2019 /
    In this video PokerStars Team Pro player Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders wraps up the preflop strategy advice he's been giving so far with some more golden nuggets that will help you crush the ZOOM tables. Watch the video to learn more.
  • 61 $100 Spin Game Play
    By / 23 Feb 2019 /
    So now we've gone through all of the basic pre-flop strategy, we've gone through some lower limits on how to play Spin & Go's, it's about time that we checked out some of the higher limits as well just to see what could be facing you if you are dabbled...
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