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  • 9 Getting Ready for the PSPC
    By / 27 Nov 2018 /
    Watch this video where 'MacDaddy19830' receives some one-to-one live tournament coaching from our trainer Dave 'TheLangolier' Roemer on Twitch.
  • 8 Flush Draw Obsession
    By / 19 Nov 2018 /
    You put them on a flush draw, right? Did you know this could be one of your most common poker leaks? Pete explains all in this video.
  • 9 Auto Checking Scare Cards
    By / 18 Nov 2018 /
    This is a very common poker leak, where players instinctively check an unfriendly looking card without stopping to think if another course of action is better. Watch to find out more.
  • 5 Overfolding the Big Blind
    By / 06 Nov 2018 /
    One of the most common mistakes that poker players make is folding in the Big Blind position too much. A lot of players fear calling when out of position and experienced players will exploit this. Watch as Pete explains how to look for spots that are...
  • 11 Crystal Ballers
    By / 19 Oct 2018 /
    Some players lack a solid thought process when playing the game and try to answer difficult questions with unreliable reads and knowledge. In this video Pete tells us how we can avoid this common poker pitfall.
  • 3 Over-reacting to 3-Bettors
    By / 12 Oct 2018 /
    It's a poker pitfall that most players will experience at some point, when they over-react to an aggressive player that likes to 3-bet a lot. In this video Pete explains to us how to best deal with this type of situation.
  • 9 It’s WCOOP, I’m Not Scared!
    By / 21 Sep 2018 /
    When you play in the World Championship of Online Poker, you better have no fear! Team Pro Lex Veldhuis shows you how it's done.
  • + Lex Veldhuis WCOOP Highlights
    By / 19 Sep 2018 /
    Lex Veldhuis has been tearing up the tables during this years WCOOP and those of us that we're lucky enough to know about Twitch got to see most of the action during his live-streams.
  • + Some WCOOP Twitch Highlights
    By / 15 Sep 2018 /
    Many of you will already have watched lots of Twitch streams from Team PokerStars Pro players during this year's WCOOP. In case you haven't and would like to get a taste of the action we've put together a few highlights for you.
  • 1 Fear of Math Playing Poker
    By / 11 Sep 2018 /
    Mathaphobia, the fear of math when playing poker. As you might have guessed it's crucial to have a basic knowledge of math and how to use it to win at poker. In this video Pete explains all.
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