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  • 12 Counting Outs And The Rule Of 2 And 4
    By / 19 Jun 2019 /
    Watch as Nick from the OP-Poker team discusses some principles that are basic yet fundamental as you progress on your journey to become a poker master.
  • 8 Headsup | The Power of Position
    By / 18 Jun 2019 /
    James from the OP-Poker team is back with yet another video in his popular Heads-up Poker series. Now playing at the $100 buy-in level James covers the topic of position and encounters some interesting spots along the way.
  • 4 Headsup & Keeping Calm
    By / 13 Jun 2019 /
    In the latest video of his Heads-up series James from the OP-Poker team shifts gears again and moves up to the $60 buy-in level. Watch as the action at the tables really heats up.
  • 4 Headsup Vs a Professional Player
    By / 04 Jun 2019 /
    In his latest video James from the OP-Poker Team continues his Heads-Up Turbo strategy series, this time taking on the challenge of the $30 stakes. James expects to face a more robust and professional player type at this level, but what will happen? Find...
  • 10 An Introduction to Semi-bluffing
    By / 31 May 2019 /
    In his latest video Nick from the OP-Poker team introduces us to the concept of the Semi-bluff, chatting about what it is and it's value. Watch the video to learn more.
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