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  • 15 Poker Virtues
    By / 21 Feb 2019 /
    In this article we are going to flip our perspective from what to do as a poker player to how to be as a poker player. A 'virtue' is a 'good or useful quality of a thing or person' – in this case of a poker player.
  • 18 How to Spot Underbluffing
    By / 19 Feb 2019 /
    Underbluffing happens when a player constructs a betting or raising range that has less bluffs in it and more value-bets than a balanced strategy would contain. At micro-stakes and low-stakes, underbluffing is very widespread. Making some tight folds...
  • 11 Why You Should 3-Bet More
    By / 18 Feb 2019 /
    I don't mean you specifically, but then again, this probably does apply to you specifically. Most newer players commit the micro-stakes mistake of entering too many pots by calling and not enough by 3-Betting. Most people 3-Bet the premium hands, as they...
  • 9 Understanding Multiple Level Thinking
    By / 15 Feb 2019 /
    Here is an article explaining what levels of thought are in poker, and how to implement this understanding at the poker tables.
  • 25 10 Tips for Handling Variance
    By / 14 Feb 2019 /
    Variance is rough. The reason that the short-term luck element in poker troubles us so much is that, in real life, we are not used to such volatility. Trying to adapt to the idea of doing everything right some days and being mercilessly punished takes...
  • 9 Learn to Break the Rules
    By / 13 Feb 2019 /
    In this poker strategy article we discuss the importance of learning to deviate from basic play of hands guidelines you learn as a beginner.
  • 5 Dos and Don’ts of Live Poker Etiquette
    By / 13 Feb 2019 /
    Playing live for the first time can be a daunting experience. I still remember my hands trembling as an eighteen-year-old student in my university's poker society weekly tournament. Here are some tips to help you bring a professional demeanour to the...
  • 6 Adapting to Zoom Poker
    By / 12 Feb 2019 /
    Zoom looks just like a regular cash table only with less waiting around, but there are actually some more subtle differences that call for quite large strategic adjustments. Let's explore them so that you can jump into the zoom pool with an immediate...
  • 8 A Guide to Block Betting the River
    By / 09 Feb 2019 /
    Today we shall focus on one of the more specific tools in the NLHE player's tool kit – the ability to make small river bets with the right range at the right time.
  • 3 A Guide to Mulitway Pots
    By / 08 Feb 2019 /
    Multiway pots are very common in certain forms of the game, especially full-ring small stakes cash games and the early stages of MTTs, however, even a 6-max cash game player at 50NL or 100NL will still encounter his fair share. This guide is all about...
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