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  • 1 Is poker gambling or a game of skill?
    By / 27 May 2019 /
    Poker is not gambling, At least it doesn't need to be. Of course, if you have no idea what you are doing and figure to be a big losing player in the game, then poker is gambling in the sense that you will usually lose and you need to get lucky to...
  • 10 5 Poker Player Types Who Under-Achieve
    By / 03 May 2019 /
    Sometimes my students have more than enough of skill to beat their current stakes but get stuck nevertheless. What is typically going on here is that their performance level is a lot lower than their maximum capacity due to problems that lie outside of...
  • 16 Pros and Cons of Turning Professional at Poker
    By / 11 Apr 2019 /
    What distinguishes poker from other hobbies is its latent potential to become more than just a hobby, if you can become good enough. For some, turning professional is a dream that never quite happens, for others its an accident that sets them up for...
  • 5 The Psychology of Folding
    By / 09 Apr 2019 /
    We all know that making disciplined folds when the evidence points that way is part of a successful winning game. Executing those folds, however, is another battle altogether.
  • 7 8 Healthy Habits for Improving your Game
    By / 14 Mar 2019 /
    Habits can be a good thing, here's some healthy ones that will help you improve your win-tare.
  • 12 Finding your Poker Style
    By / 07 Mar 2019 /
    Your 'Poker Style' is not an excuse to play however you want. Players who are too passive, too crazily aggressive, or too tight will be losing players and such approaches to the game are not going to be considered valid styles of play in this article....
  • 25 10 Tips for Handling Variance
    By / 14 Feb 2019 /
    Variance is rough. The reason that the short-term luck element in poker troubles us so much is that, in real life, we are not used to such volatility. Trying to adapt to the idea of doing everything right some days and being mercilessly punished takes...
  • 6 Should You Take Part in the Bad Beat Venting?
    By / 31 Dec 2018 /
    This is an article about the pros and cons of using bad beat forums like the Padded Tilt Room on the PokerStars Discord for sharing your bad beats.
  • 1 Think Twice Before Playing Lemming Poker
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    This is an article about how to progress in your poker game without modeling the wrong types of players.
  • 14 Poker Guide: Self-Criticism in Poker
    By / 01 Dec 2017 /
    Neglecting discipline allows your bad mental game habits and a lack of professionalism to run riot. Meanwhile, being an unforgiving self-dictator causes a drop in confidence and a negative association with making mistakes, which are, after all, completely...
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