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  • 4 Headsup & Keeping Calm
    By / 13 Jun 2019 /
    In the latest video of his Heads-up series James from the OP-Poker team shifts gears again and moves up to the $60 buy-in level. Watch as the action at the tables really heats up.
  • 387 Take part in the Sunday Storm 8th Anniversary for free!
    By / 05 Jun 2019 /
    This promotion has now ended and thank you to everyone that participated. Please see here for all our current active promotions. On Sunday, June 16th, PokerStars will celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Sunday Storm with an extra special edition of the...
  • 4 Headsup Vs a Professional Player
    By / 04 Jun 2019 /
    In his latest video James from the OP-Poker Team continues his Heads-Up Turbo strategy series, this time taking on the challenge of the $30 stakes. James expects to face a more robust and professional player type at this level, but what will happen? Find...
  • 10 An Introduction to Semi-bluffing
    By / 31 May 2019 /
    In his latest video Nick from the OP-Poker team introduces us to the concept of the Semi-bluff, chatting about what it is and it's value. Watch the video to learn more.
  • 22 Moneymaker 2003 WSOP ME Strategy
    By / 29 May 2019 /
    What did winning the 2003 WSOP mean to Chris Moneymaker? How did he prepare for that life-changing tournament? And which players' did he fear at the final table? These and more questions answered in this one on one exclusive interview...
  • 3 Heads Up Vs a Good Passive Player
    By / 29 May 2019 /
    James from OP-Poker is back with another episode of his Heads-up Turbo series and is excited to play at the $15 stakes as this is where really good strategy spots can occur. James begins the session by answering some questions posted by PokerStars School...
  • 16 Just Play Spin & Go's to Win!
    By / 29 May 2019 /
    Now's your chance to win a share of over $16,000 every day with our Spin & Go 20 Leader Boards! Just play 20 Spin & Go's and you could win a share of a juicy daily prize pool.
  • 5 Dare to Dream like Ramón Colillas
    By / 29 May 2019 /
    At this point the story of Ramón Colillas is more or less known, at least in the world of Poker. But if you still do not know it, we recommend that you read this article. It's worth it, because what Ramón has done is great. These days PokerStars Spain...
  • 9 The Check-raise | When and why should we do it
    By / 19 May 2019 /
    In this video Nick from the OP-Poker team talks about the subject of Check-raising, and delves into some of the theories behind it to discover when and why we should do it.
  • 4 Heads Up Vs a Tight Aggressive Player
    By / 19 May 2019 /
    James from the OP-Poker team is back with another video in his 'Heads Up Poker' series. We move up to the $7 heads-up turbos and discover that at this level we can expect to encounter some seriously strong amateur players, and maybe even some semi-pro...
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