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  • 7 Flush Draw Obsession
    By / 19 Nov 2018 /
    You put them on a flush draw, right? Did you know this could be one of your most common poker leaks? Pete explains all in this video.
  • 9 Auto Checking Scare Cards
    By / 18 Nov 2018 /
    This is a very common poker leak, where players instinctively check an unfriendly looking card without stopping to think if another course of action is better. Watch to find out more.
  • 32 PokerStars VR Tells
    By / 08 Nov 2018 /
    What is PokerStars Virtual Reality (VR), how do you play it and what poker tells can you read from it? These and more questions are answered in this article.
  • 12 Pot Odds In PokerStars FUSION Pre-Flop
    By / 06 Nov 2018 /
    In PokerStars FUSION, our pot odds are exactly the same as they are in Holdem or Omaha. Read on to find out more...
  • 9 PokerStars FUSION – Five Basic Tips
    By / 06 Nov 2018 /
    FUSION is a simple yet fascinating pot-limit hybrid of Holdem and Omaha. Players are dealt two hole cards before the flop, just like in Holdem. The twist occurs post-flop as when the flop comes down (three community cards as normal), remaining players...
  • 26 Flop Play In PokerStars FUSION
    By / 06 Nov 2018 /
    PokerStars FUSION, being a gradual transformation of Holdem into Omaha, features a very unique street – the flop, where we have not two, not four, but three hole cards!. Read on to find out more...
  • 9 Crystal Ballers
    By / 19 Oct 2018 /
    Some players lack a solid thought process when playing the game and try to answer difficult questions with unreliable reads and knowledge. In this video Pete tells us how we can avoid this common poker pitfall.
  • 2 Over-reacting to 3-Bettors
    By / 12 Oct 2018 /
    It's a poker pitfall that most players will experience at some point, when they over-react to an aggressive player that likes to 3-bet a lot. In this video Pete explains to us how to best deal with this type of situation.
  • + Opening the Pot
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    In this introductory lesson on 6-max cash games, we shall we defining not just what hands to raise pre-flop, but why to do so from each position on the table.
  • + When Someone Limps
    By / 05 Oct 2018 /
    When someone limps into the pot before the action reaches us, they are threatening to create quite the opposite environment from the one we are usually trying to set up.
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