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  • 7 Evaluating Tendencies
    By / 18 Mar 2019 /
    It's true that a lot of poker players make the same mistakes again an again. If we are serious about being a profitable player then we need to be able to, not only not make the mistakes ourselves, but also to be able to identify the tendencies and mistakes...
  • 5 Deep Stack Post Flop Play Part 1
    By / 18 Mar 2019 /
    In this video we talk about Deepstack post-flop play which is widely regarded as the most complex part of a tournament. Why you may ask? It is because that there are so many variables and factors to take into account that it's not always easy to figure...
  • 5 PokerStars Announces Lex Live Spring Festival
    By / 15 Mar 2019 /
    The Lex Live Spring Festival takes place at the Grand Casino de Namur in Belgium between Mar. 27-31. It features several events including turbos, hyper turbos, a €550 High Roller, and an eagerly anticipated €225 buy-in Main Event with a €100,000...
  • 7 To Agree or Disagree, Is that The Question?
    By / 15 Mar 2019 /
    If you were to look up the meaning of the word 'Discord' you would find out that it means the state of not agreeing or sharing opinions. It's probably a great name then for the online platform where a huge amount of poker debate and discussion takes place...
  • 6 8 Healthy Habits for Improving your Game
    By / 14 Mar 2019 /
    Habits can be a good thing, here's some healthy ones that will help you improve your win-tare.
  • 16 Winning Back to Back Titles
    By / 11 Mar 2019 /
    In our latest Winners Wall interview we hear from a player that has won back to back The League titles.
  • 31 Want to win $3 MILLION? Our Spin & Go’s just got bigger!
    By / 11 Mar 2019 /
    Spin & Go is the exciting, fast-paced poker game where you enter a three-handed poker tournament to play for a randomly decided prize, and now - for a limited time only - our biggest Spin & Go's have arrived on PokerStars with a jackpot of an...
  • 66 Learn How To Play Poker
    By / 08 Mar 2019 /
    Learn How To Play Poker In this article the PokerStars School Team offers you four suggestions on how you can learn how to play Poker for free! Don't miss out on these wonderful oppurtunities to improve your skill and knowledge of the wonderful game of...
  • 8 Late Stage Preflop Strategy
    By / 08 Mar 2019 /
    In this video we discuss the later stages of a tournament, a crucial stage if you want to be a profitable player and make it into the money. We review a final table and talk about the different scenarios that arise and also chat about changing gears as...
  • 5 Early Stage Preflop Strategy Part 2
    By / 08 Mar 2019 /
    In this episode we continue our discussion on strategy for early-stage preflop play particularly when should we call and when should we 3-bet? Watch the video to find out more.
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