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Poker Podcast - Win Tickets

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  • Poker Podcast - Win Tickets

    Hello, Very soon we will record a new episode of the PokerSchoolOnline Podcast and on the show we will be talking about the topic of 'Playing Better with Ace, King' We want to hear your questions about this topic. Do you find it difficult playing Ace King? Do you find that you miss the flop a lot? Should you play it aggressively or passively? Post your question in the forum thread below. If we read your question out on the next show you will win an $11 Sunday Storm ticket! If you've missed the last episode of the Podcast you can catch-up with it HERE We look forward to hearing from you! Raiser umbup:

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    what is your thought process to a hero call in poker?


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      Dealing with AK on the Final Table

      Lets say you(15BB) are deal with AK on the final table of a MTT, you are in middle position and open the pot 3X. a player in late position re-raises() (s)he is a tight aggressive player(UTG) who has a 40BB stack. The table is 9 handed with huge pay jumps, there are players who are shorter stacked than me, what to do? call, see a flop(out of position) or just fold(wait for a better spot.)


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        when is it correct to fold AK post flop, when you have actually hit an ace or king?
        On a paired board when there is a lot of action? Or when there is 4 to a straight or flush on board that you don't hold any cards to.
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          I'am playing a Event tournament (9 max) 10 of us left, I was dealt Q J diamonds. After the first round of betting, three players remain in and the flop comes 7 4 10 all diamonds. I've hit a flush. The first player checks, the second player makes a raise, which I re-raise with a significant bet. The first player folds, but the second player calls my bet. The turn comes out 2 of diamonds. The first player checks, I once again make a decent raise, however he then re-raises with a bet which will put me all-in.

          My question is what do you do? If you are in the same situation as mine if you don't have the AK of diamonds ...

          Just want to know what a pro player will do here.. Thank You.. Hope I get a ticket to make my revenge. ooppss i just said what happen to me on that tournament.
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            should i always continution bet with ak if i have the betting lead?
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              Thanks, Remember questions must be about 'Playing Better with Ace, King' Some of the questions about are not on topic, please see opening post Cheers guys, Raiser umbup:


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                AK offsuit and AK suited would you treat them differently in betting or would bet higher with AK suited.


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                  Facing a 5 bet from an opponent with VPIP of over 25%, should i fold my AK in deep stacked game?

                  I think its a snap shove in turbo tournament when i have say 50bb or less but when it comes to deep stacked, i am just not sure.


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                    When would you just call a raise with AK rather than 3bet and why is this better than raising ?



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                      This is a hand that I saw today. It's between Tom "Durrrr" Dwan and Howard Lederer:

                      At the beginning of the video, the voice says that Lederer is tired to slow play his AKs.

                      1. How and when can you slow play AKs? Especially when you know that you have a bluffer/agg-loose player at your table (or even worse, 2-3-4 fish players at a SNG micro stakes table)?

                      2. Let put us in Lederer place and suppose that we did't commit 1/3 of our stack to go all-in: after a player re-raise us 3. our bet, then we re-re-raise him 3. of his bet, and then again he re-re-re-raise us our bet, did't we need just to fold here? After all, it's just an AKs, not a pair.
                      What should Lederer done there? A bet/shove on turn would be a smart move? We know that the opp is a bluffer and he didn't bet on flop.


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                        I have no strict way I play A-K. To be honest I've probably reaped gains more frequently in the early stages of large MTT tournaments when stacks are more even by disguising my hand and limping in early or flat calling a 3BB raise late. The way I see it is that you' re often going to be put on something like this hand (your range) if you announce yourself and it's going to be hard to get paid for hitting on the flop and in value betting subsequently. I'd rather have someone think I'm not holding something like A-K because I limped in and let himself hang himself good with a wider range of A-x or K-x hands played too aggressively, hands that often also limp into pots in later positions. My related question is: Is playing A-K with stealth a weaker way of going about things than the standard 3BB bet when we' re not yet under the pressure of blinds and antes? I feel it to be contrarian enough to the accepted thinking as to be useful when my chip situation is not yet desperate...


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                          In my experience when someone has already opened for a raise, AK is the best hand for going all in preflop. Because the original raiser may fold and you will win the pot right away or in case he/she calls, there are only two hands that will put you in a bad position, AA, KK. Against any other starting hand, you are either a favorite or about 50/50. Do you agree with this play? (Of course the type of the game and the stack sizes and your knowledge of the player in question may force you not to play this way.)


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                            Ive heard Ak is a premium hand but is it so good that you can trap with it?(Im not talking 6max here more of a MTT)

                            I realise that you miss the flop around 1 in 3 which is a lot

                            which type of players would you try to trap if any and what stack sizes are best for this ?

                            also how much does it being suited really matter ? both preflop and post

                            thank you !


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                              It is final table of the turbo MTT and the big stack bully is in BB with 25 BBs. You have only 7 BBs at button, but two players are smaller stacks than you. It's 7-handed and SB is tight player. You got AK and everybody folds to you. What to do?



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