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live training probs

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  • live training probs

    hi all, dont know if other people had problems, but during (or from start) session the tables covered most of the chat box,i did type in my problem but obviously couldnt see any replies.
    also the sound couldnt be turned competely off. i know what you are thinking (why would you want sound off)but sometimes i like to predict what the trainer is going to do with the sound muted, write notes and see comments.
    i ended up having to leave session because of the obvious.
    just wondered if it was a glitch as did hear chris say new software for the session.

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    I have been having prob's too, it starts oky even though it says connection error, if i refresh it, the list of people in class is shown & the chatbox disapper's(but can still see chat) next re-fresh & i cant hear anything & no chat can bee seen. and stays this way so i cant type even if cache is cleaned & as many re-freshs it stays like that, even if i have gone completely out of pso. & sometimes it just frezzes & can hear trainer. Strange, this been going on since last major update of LiveTraining client,Its bit of pain. any idea's on fixing it be great ty All Thee Bestumbup:
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      Training probs

      For 0HighTimes0 & anti5ive:
      I am by no means any expert on these things, so please, take this as a suggestion and not anything else.
      With the re-format of the new training tools, it has caused me some problems as well. The 1st time was with Felix's session were the training was freezing on me and sound was cutting off. I used IE (Internet Explore)and then switched to Chrome with no improvements.
      There have been a couple of training sessions since then and I have had no real problems with the new training tools. Now with that said, the only suggestions I can give you is check for any updates in your internet programs. Also, If you use IE, switch to Chrome. Or if you use any other programs, switch over it IE or Chrome.
      If you have any popup/ads blocker, turn them off during the session.
      My last suggestion is this: If you are using a older computer system, turn off any program(s) that could be using up your system memory. This latter suggestion, I think is the lest of any issues.

      This Sunday, I was having some serious lag issues beyond the norm, so I had to switch to a newer computer.
      However, I think in time all issues in the new training tools with us will get solved in a little while.
      Hope some of this helps
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        i never had probs like this before, as soon as it came(last night) on i could hear chris and see tables but as i said i could only see a very small part of chat box and nothing of people replying.


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          I have a default magnification set for PSO, and I found that this distorted the window sizes. When I tried refresh, I got the list of people in the class. I finally shut down chrome completely, reconnected to PSO and changed my magnification back to 100%. When I connected to the training, the display was much better, although the screen being streamed was still slightly low and to the right. Hope this helps you.

          Hopefully these problems will get worked out in time.
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            tuned in since then and its been ok, so must of been a glitch for me on the night.



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