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Looking for current formula for trickiness stats

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  • Looking for current formula for trickiness stats

    I have studied the formula that is described from the promotion details page:

    Trickiness = M*0.01*(((10*(A/(A+B+C+1)))+(5*(D/(D+E+F+1)))+(10*(G/(G+H+I+1)))+(10*(J/(J+K+L+1)))*2))+(((10*(A/(A+B+C+1)))+(5*(D/(D+E+F+1)))+(10*(G/(G+H+I+1)))+(10*(J/(J+K+L+1)))*2) *(1-(150/N)))

    The first part of the formula that relates to the showdown win rate can vary between 0 and 45 {(10+5+10+20)*M*0.01}. Similarly the second part of the formula which relates to the games played factor can vary between 0 and 45. 90 is the practical upper limit. There are currently leader board scores above 90, though.

    Where does one get the extra points from? Is there an error here or has the formula been amended?

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    Hello cleobuddy

    Thank you for your post. To get the answer to your question i would suggest you contact Im sure that they will be able to help you.

    Good Luck.


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      Current advertised formula for trickiness

      Trickiness = M*0.01*(((10*(A/(A+B+C+1)))+(5*(D/(D+E+F+1)))+(10*(G/(G+H+I+1)))+(10*(J/(J+K+L+1)))*2))+(((10*(A/(A+B+C+1)))+(5*(D/(D+E+F+1)))+(10*(G/(G+H+I+1)))+(10*(J/(J+K+L+1)))*2) *(1-(150/N)))

      Taken from this current post.

      M = Percentage of Hands Won at Showdown - which can range from 0 to 100

      N = Total Hands and therefore (1-(150/N) tends towards but never reaches 1 once you pass the minimum 150 hands

      The rest too complicated - did you misplace the x2 which I think applies to all of each side not just the last part of each side (your 20) so you say 10+5+10+20=45 I say (10+5+10+10)*2=70



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        If it's to double up the whole bracket they should have the two just inside the last parenthesis on each side. The way it is also explained in plain writing it mentions that check raising on the river is the most rewarding. It's not true if they give it equal weight as other streets. Anyway, it makes one wonder if they betrayed their intention by calculating it with an unintended mistake, and just decided to keep it that way. Is check raising the river not more profitable? It seems to have been in my experience.
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