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New PokerStars Phased Tournemants " Discussion Page"

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  • New PokerStars Phased Tournemants " Discussion Page"

    Don't be fazed by the new Pokerstars Phased Tourneys
    by Brad Willis on May 7, 2014 9:32 AM

    Here's something to try if you're feeling a little adventurous today.

    Go to the PokerStars lobby, click on the Tourneys section, and then click All. Done? Okay, now try this: go to the search filter and type "Phased."


    "What are these things?" you might be asking yourself (or, if you are lucky enough to have companionship, the parrot on your shoulder).

    "These," I'd hope the parrot would respond, "are PokerStars' Phased tournaments."

    You might have seen something like this before. They've been known as Flighted tournaments in the past. Regardless, the concept is one you might know well from live events. In short, these tournaments allow you to play a Phase 1 on one day and, if you last through a certain number of levels, you move on to Phase 2 with the stack you had in Phase 1.

    Phase 1 tourneys run three times a day on Monday-Saturday, 10:25 ET, 13:25 ET, 19:25 ET, with Phase 2 at 12:25 ET on Sunday. There are also satellites pointing to each Phase 1.

    I'm not going to tell you how to play (listen to the parrot for that), but I will offer you this one reminder: if you make it to Phase 2, you're there with whatever stack you had. You can't go back and play another Phase 1 to the same Phase 2 and hope to improve your chip position. So, if the parrot were squawking, he might say something like, "Go big or go home, Blue Beard!"

    Expect more from the Phased Tournaments in the coming months, but for now, try them out and see what you think.

    Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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    Hi Tony

    These look interesting, however, if I search for "Phased" I can see only satellites; the main tourneys are just "Phase".



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      Any tips please for these Phased Tournies? I am in one in half an hour i.d. looks to me like I could almost hardly play any hands....only 9 levels and 5000 chips.... So I don't get what the OP means by GO BIG...etc. I do realise that the chips at the end of the 9 levels will be my starting stack, but anyone who has played one of these please speak now!! It seems similar to the Time Tournies, in the way that the largest stacks at the end get the larger slice of cake...only that is your stack for the Phase 2. EDIT I am a little confused with one thing....I have looked at the Tourny info of Flight 2, and it also says Starting Chips :5000....can someone explain Many thanks and WMLumbup: Weasel
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        So its just like MTTs with Day 1, Day 2 etc but instead of days its phases?


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          It's exactly like a two day tourney except there are a lot of day 1s. What you finish with at the end of the Phase 1 tourney will be your starting stack for the Phase 2 on Sunday so you really want to make sure you're not starting that as one of the shorties as it puts you at a big disadvantage to those who built up a nice stack.

          If during the Phase 1 you find yourself short with not a whole lot of time left in the tourney it might be a good idea to go for it. Because starting Phase 2 short is hard to go deep and get a good return. But if you bust you could always try another Phase 1 to try and get yourself in a good position for when it really matters in the Phase 2. Of course BR management is important to consider here also, you don't wanna be playing tons of Phase 1's otherwise you'll never get back all your buy-ins without a really deep run. It's a pretty unique format I have to say.

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            thanks for all that....I was slighly above av. stack and decided to go for it on 2 top pair about 2/3rds way through the game....sigh, but like you say, I can always try another Phase 1 again Fayden It was good fun, I LIKEYumbup: I think just play you usual tight game at the start, and hopefully you will get an opportunity to d/up....5000 chips gives you room to play, unless you are a looney like me and lose the lot Weasel


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              I would like to add...that you can Satellite into the $11 Phase 1, they have a $1.02 Hyper Turbo 36 seat x2 shootout, and also a $2.20 10 min blinds game too, but at the moment they are only getting above the minimum entry requirements at peak playing hours... {I suggest entering a SUNDAY STORM Satellite, (same structures as above) to try win a $11 TD, unregister and use that. Storm Satellites can be found under Sit N Go and Tourney.} I have entered many times, only for the event to be cancelled due to lack of players. Both of these can be found under TOURNEY, with the PHASE 1 in search field. PLUS POINTS FOR PHASE 1 TOURNEY......a big plus point is, (if you are like me in that you love Tourneys but don't have the time if you have a deep run) you have a set time limit of 1hr 15 mins approx. to play and try and accumulate some chips (or go busto!!) for the Phase 2. Hopefully see more of you in these Satellites!!umbup: Weasel
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                Well I made it through my second attempt at PHASE 1.....I won a few chips, then lost them, them won some back etc etc... but had a push on the last 2 levels and ended up quadrupling+ my starting stack, which puts me with about 23 BB to start PHASE 2.

                I noticed a few people sitting out---I don't know if they didn't fully understand the rules, but I guess most of those didn't make it to the end and got blinded out.

                My tactics were exactly that, sit tight, lots of folding then push at the end, hoping to win with a few strong hands along the way. Bit like a FIFTY-FIFTY. I'm not saying that is the right way---that's just what I did.

                I do like these and will probably try every week.

                Another point to mention/ repeat is, you can only enter ONE Phase 2, per week, although you can have as many attempts as you like at Phase 1 if you busto. So if you make it to the end of Phase 1, that's can't try again to improve your stack.
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