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A mistake in the Cash Game Course

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  • A mistake in the Cash Game Course

    In the chapter "Avoiding Mistakes", section
    "Poor hand selection", sub-section
    "Playing big pots with weak hands" the second example
    involves the hand 78. The point they make in the example is
    that on the river we should not call a big bet with our
    weak hand. However we should have folded before the river.
    On the turn we don't have the right pot odds to make the
    call. The pot odds is (51+51+78)/51=3.5 and the odds of we
    making our hand is 5:1. I beleive the same problem existed
    on the flop as well.

    Many Thanks

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    You're talking about the video/quiz at the bottom of, aren't you?

    It's true that you don't quite have the right immediate odds to call with the open-ended straight draw on the flop or turn, but no limit holdem is a game of implied odds. On the turn, the direct pot odds translate to you contributing 22% of the total pot before the river card is revealed. This means you need to make your hand 22% of the time to break even if no more money goes in the middle. You'll actually only hit the OESD about 16% of the time, but if you do it's likely that at least one of the two villains will put more money in the pot. You therefore have "implied odds". That is to say, you can call a bet on the turn in the expectation of winning more than what is already in the pot if you make the nuts. It's a pretty close, but most players would call the turn with that hand, feeling pretty sure that they will get paid off if they hit their 8-outer. If the villain had been betting bigger, it would be a mistake to chase the draw. It's a good habit to only call with draws if there is still plenty of money in the remaining stacks. If there's no additional money to win on the river, then folding is best.
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      Ok Thanks. I Understand now.



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