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Shooter factor---help with definitions

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  • Shooter factor---help with definitions

    I've searched all over to try and get clarity on the exact definitions of the terms used in the shooter factor formula. No matter what I assume to be correct I cannot reproduce the official score from my interpretation of the formula and my published stats (which seems very straightforward at first glance).

    "seeing" a post flop betting round seems self explanatory, but is one seeing three post-flop betting rounds when he is going all-in in pre-flop or has he seen none? How many has he bet in that situation?

    Does "betting" a post-flop betting round mean laying down an opening bet in that round or calling a bet made in that round by one or all opponents, or is it opening and/or raising that constitutes betting? i.e. Is a call to an initial bet considered a bet in that round?

    Are you considered to have seen the flop and not bet the flop if you fold a hand that gets all the way to you on the BB without a raise (this is equal to refusing to see the flop), or sat that hand out and were folded automatically?

    The{P+Q+R/S+T+U} factor I get from my hand calculations are off by as much as 50% (a huge amount). I obviously have faulty assumptions. My personal tracking led me to believe my {P+Q+R/S+T+U} ratio was near 98% when it is obviously nowhere near that, and yet I have not ever failed to "bet" a post flop betting round (in my mind betting was opening with a bet or calling a bet). I have gone all-in pre flop quite a bit, and I have gone all-in in various betting rounds. I have also folded garbage hands on the BB where I could have seen the flop for free (I wouldn't be surprised if this was a leak attributable to definitions). I have also sat out at times during a few games and have probably missed BB opportunities to see flops because of this. Those are the only leaks I can see. Any others?

    Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm surely not the only one who wonders. Some people obviously know very well for the near perfect {P+Q+R/S+T+U} ratios they achieve, which is the point of the challenge. Fairness for all anyone?

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    From, the self described premier online poker dictionary:

    Bet: To wager an initial amount of money in a game of poker
    Call: To match the bet of a player who has already bet.
    Raise:To bet more than the minimum after a bet has been made, therefore increasing the size of the bet required for players to stay in the hand.

    Ok, so not even this is crustal clear to me. I wish it had said that a call was a bet of some sorts, but it seems to make the distinction by saying it is "matching a bet" and not "making a bet equal to a bet". At least a raise is clearly called a bet.

    Would love to know what Pokerstars thinks...


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      Open betting is the only thing that counts. Checking, calling, raising (as defined above) all count as something other than betting.

      You see three rounds if you go all in pre-flop (and three non-betting ones at that).

      If you fold the BB, you don't see the post-flop rounds.

      After the definition of M in the equation was corrected to "percentage of ...", I get exactly the same answer as My Stats gives.

      Good luck!




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