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PSO Podcast - Win Tickets!

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  • PSO Podcast - Win Tickets!

    Hello, Very soon we will record a new episode of the PokerSchoolOnline Podcast and on the show we will be talking about the topic of 'Playing Better with Ace, King'. We want to hear your questions about this topic. Do you find it difficult playing the Big Slick? What do you do if you miss the flop holding AK in a multiway pot? Email your questions to and include 'Podcast' in the subject line. If we read your question out on the next show you will win an $11 Sunday Storm ticket! If you've missed the last episode of the Podcast you can catch-up with it HERE We look forward to hearing from you! Raiser umbup:

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    darwunbot PODCAST

    well it comes down to other factoes besidea just hitting.whats more impourtant in this situation pushing them away and taking the blinds or pushing and risking ,more of your stack. ryan griffin AKA darwunboy


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      The big slick

      Hello fellow rounders.

      I find AK to be an exceptional hand to bet on turn, if on the unfortunate occurance that it missed the flop. All be it, if there isn't a bet before you to act on the turn. I find in many situations, timidness of others gets you the pot when bet appropriately



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        I have realized that AK is very strong pre-flop but it diminishes in its strength when the player misses the flop. In the past I have always got married to the hand and ended up losing more money than I should. AK means Big Slick for most players, but for me it is Ann Kourokova. Because it looks great but rarely wins.

        My Question is: If I miss the flop, should I C-bet when my opponent has called my pre-flop raise? Does it have a chance of working? Or should I consider checking?


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          question sent by e-mail

          - enjoying the podcasts btw, and nice promo!
          thanks PSO!


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            Hi there,
            Ok, AK! In my opinion, AK looks pretty good pre-flop but if you miss it post flop it's garbage.
            My question is: Would you play AK off suit same as AK suited pre-flop? and Would you just check post flop when you miss it or would you c-bet it?

            Best regards,


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              most hands are garbage when the flop is missed lol


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                Spooky. uzbektosh has asked the exact same question I sent by email a few days ago.
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                  AK is very strong pre-flop is a hand that have to raise or re-raise but in pots multiway can be a hand to bring you many problems if you hit. My Question is : ¿is rentable to call With AhKh when 2 players in front to you re raise all in and the flop is? Jd Ks


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                    Podcast: AK

                    Hi Paul,

                    I just sent in a question about the differences in playing AK during cash games vs tournaments.

                    Best of luck with the show.
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                      my question is if you have ak and you have raised it preflop with two callers, and the flop comes q k 10 and you continue bet with agin two callers then the turn comes a so now you have two pair, just wondering what should be your next move now?
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                        hi< Ak was very strog and if i got ak no more hesitation i make all in


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                          PodCast Question AK

                          My question is: "On pre-flop, the A/K are great cards and should be played as such with a 3-5bb. However, how should we play them if a opponent continues to match our bets or re-raise us?"
                          I have won many times with A/K but have lost many times as well. I believe that we get over confident with these type of cards. Gerald
                          5 Time Bracelet Winner


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                            Hi,Full Ring Game, I have(16BB)-- Ok Villian #1(18BB) is UTG and opens ( 6 BB ) , UTG #2 (stack leader W=22 BB) Calls, its folded around to me in CO position and I call, the flop comes J,10, 9 off suit. Now what??. ,if both villians chk ,Do I also chk to see turn card, If villian UTG# 1 shoves all-in and UTG #2 goes all ,do I fold or take a chance ??? [riverflat]


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                              I usually play AK(o) very strong. AK(s) even stronger as if i had a pair of JJ or even QQ ,even three betting and isolating opp. However my question is, if for some reason i played passive, not three betting a raise, or just calling a family pot. Then the flop comes AAK or KKA, what then? how should i play this if it is check 2 me? check back? what about a bet to me should I re raise?

                              Thanks guys.



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