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having prombelms wit handreplayer

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  • having prombelms wit handreplayer

    tryin upload hand to han2014/02/24 0:45:29 WET [2014/02/23 19:45:29 ET]
    Table 'Irma' 6-max Seat #4 is the button
    Seat 1: luchongo ($2.06 in chips)
    Seat 2: scorpionscor ($3.52 in chips)
    Seat 3: MOXIMUS ($1.47 in chips)
    Seat 4: pbo999 ($4.08 in chips)
    Seat 5: E-Sheiik ($2.08 in chips)
    Seat 6: ago10380 ($0.78 in chips)
    E-Sheiik: posts small blind $0.01
    ago10380: posts big blind $0.02
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to ago10380 [Ac Kh]
    luchongo: folds
    scorpionscor: folds
    MOXIMUS: raises $0.04 to $0.06
    pbo999: folds
    E-Sheiik: folds
    ago10380: raises $0.08 to $0.14
    MOXIMUS: calls $0.08
    *** FLOP *** [Jd Jh Ts]
    ago10380: checks
    MOXIMUS: bets $0.06
    ago10380: calls $0.06
    *** TURN *** [Jd Jh Ts] [5s]
    ago10380: checks
    MOXIMUS: bets $0.40
    ago10380: raises $0.18 to $0.58 and is all-in
    MOXIMUS: calls $0.18
    *** RIVER *** [Jd Jh Ts 5s] [Qc]
    *** SHOW DOWN ***
    ago10380: shows [Ac Kh] (a straight, Ten to Ace)
    MOXIMUS: mucks hand
    ago10380 collected $1.52 from pot
    *** SUMMARY ***
    Total pot $1.57 | Rake $0.05
    Board [Jd Jh Ts 5s Qc]
    Seat 1: luchongo folded before Flop (didn't bet)
    Seat 2: scorpionscor folded before Flop (didn't bet)
    Seat 3: MOXIMUS mucked [As Js]
    Seat 4: pbo999 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
    Seat 5: E-Sheiik (small blind) folded before Flop
    Seat 6: ago10380 (big blind) showed [Ac Kh] and won ($1.52) with a straight, Ten to Ace
    dreplayer and it wont read data ive included hand just incase ive dne something wrong when i copied it

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    sorry tryed to upload above hand and the hand replayer wont read the data can u help


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      The top line is incomplete it should say pokerstars hand no xxxxxxxxxxx

      like this

      PokerStars Hand #112280486765: Hold'em No Limit ($0.05/$0.10 USD) - 2014/02/23 11:34:30 ET
      Table 'Vera IV' 6-max Seat #6 is the button

      Grade b
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        thank you or ur reply



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