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Closed. REALLY?

This topic is closed.
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  • Closed. REALLY?

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    The Poll, ban all software and lets separate the men from the boys

    Would someone please provide the specific reasons this topic was closed?

    OP stated some opinions. Some members (including moderators and hand analyzers) responed with uniform disagreement. Some responses were humorous and very few had a bit of sarcasm. There has been worse in posts which were not closed. There were no public requests to change the tone of any posts and no public warnings of any kind. were given.

    The OP has made controversial posts in the past on this very subject so they must have known the response it would receive. By the same token, the moderator team is fully aware of OP's history and should have provided some notice if this thread would be subjected to more scrutiny than most.

    As I see it that thread was poorly moderated for the reasons stipulated above. I realize the catch-all nature of the forum rules, but arbitrary handling of posts will hurt this forum in the long run.

    Good decisions everyone.

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    Although I respect the OP's right to have opinions and to discuss them, these forums are not really the right platform for that.

    If I wanted to see this discussion I would go to 2p2


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      Yeah I agree on the fact that a reason should always be stated when a thread gets closed.
      But I think the reason was probably obvious, since the topic was altering quite a bit and the thread quality of posts was pretty low (probably because I made 2 posts on that thread).


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        In my opinion closing threads that start to go in trolling direction is VERY good thing. Better do it early than late. Not stating opinion who is doing what wrong just that it is better react before it get ugly!
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          Hello Joe,

          There are many reasons a thread might get closed and in this case, it should have been obvious, as we had several reports of this post from our members and as we looked it over the decision was made to close it as nothing good was coming from it.

          As you know first hand, Joe, we do not discuss internal matters in the open forum. I am sorry you feel this was handled poorly. We try to not close any threads at PSO but sometimes it is the only option.

          If members want threads not to be closed I suggest they stay on topic.

          We're now going to close this thread as this is not up for a debate; if you have anything further to say on the matter feel free to pm me.

          Thanks for being part of PSO, and Best of Luck at the Tables



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