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PSO OSL 17.09.13 at 19:00 CET

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  • PSO OSL 17.09.13 at 19:00 CET

    What is happening with the 19h Open Skill League tourneys... registration lags everyday... today (couple of minutes ago)it processed only 198 players??? I've pressed register button at 18:46 and nothing happened except the message that I'm in queue. And then at 19:10 it just said registration closed with only 198 entrants... so 9802 players... got nothing... and others have some nice chances at final tabling for extra points.

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    happened to me too..couldn't register either in the OSLT! WTF!


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      Exactly... Same here! so what does this mean? don't want rant (Honestly its no BIG deal!!) but will any points gained be added to the league?
      Seems unfair to those who missed out? (its hard enough keeping up with number of tournaments played by others?) but the crazy chat abuse was mental... haha...

      Sorry to go off the subject, but league points take into account all your tourney's played right, wouldn't it be better to limit scoring to say your best 50 finishes? might free things up a little... only a suggestion?


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        Hello all, As I just mentioned in another thread points gained are done so based on the same calculation no matter the field size so for the majority of these 198 players there will be no real affect or advantage for them in playing this tournament. For the most part this game will have little to no affect on the overall standings as the league is done over a whole month and includes many games and of course each players score takes into account all games they played. In fact the ITM point for a tournament of this size is only 36 instead of the usual 1440 for a full tourney so if anything less players than usual will recieve a points increase. As for the fact so many players had trouble registering I'm afraid all we can do is appologise for any inconvenience. We have no control over the technical difficulties experienced at PokerStars and have to trust the PokerStars staff were doing all they can to solve the problem. Hopefully there will be no further issuses and everyone will be able to play again from now on. Good luck at the tables umbup: Cheers, Chris

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          Well here we go again... Something funny is definitely going on... Because it is always the 19:00 CET. I know this is probably the favourite time for most of the players, but none of the other major freerolls are laging, much less having such big issues. It's tilting me a little, because I don't often have time to play this and when I make plans the crappy tourneys don't work. Today it has processed whole 306 players and someone/thing at Pokerstars has prematurely stopped the late registration (which means they probably are aware of the problem), since it was stopped at 19:08 (should have been at 19:10).

          Don't understand how there can be a problem with a specific tourney when others are working well. If there is too many people registering you have a ton of stuff to go around this... First thing - you have to be registered PSO member to enter, not free for all like now. Or make more tourneys at prime time on different hours like 18.30 / 19.00 / 19.30 and then put a limit on how many tourneys someone can play a day if this is a problem.
          I'm pretty sure Pokerstars have enough money to make things run smoothly.

          And since this is an overall issue not just my issue, and since it is just the PSO OSL tourney and this is the PSO Forum, I think staff here should make an inquiry about it (in another thread it was mentioned that each individual should write to support).

          Not happy.


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            Hi Toulour007,

            The last time the problem was with the PokerStars client after recent update but this time appears to be an isolated incident with just this tournament. I am currently unaware of what the problem was/is and can only apologise for the inconvenience it has caused. I will make a note of this but would also suggest you email with the tournament ID to make them aware you were unable to register.

            There are no plans to change how the OSL is run as usually it runs very smoothly. I'm sure you can understand that with something as extensive as PokerStars there will be an occasional hiccup and the techs work hard to minimise these, so hopefully this is just a one off.

            Thanks for your understanding and again we apologise for the inconvenience,


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