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    Has the PSO ever thought about doing a podcast?

    85FastLane done a great round up of current podcasts he listens to. I also listen to a load of Podcasts and really love the format for my learning experience.

    It doesn't have to be complicated. Even a ripped audio of a Google Hang out is good enough as I listen to a few Astronomy Podcasts that are done in this format. It doesn't have to cost anything only time and a few MB of Pokerstars server space.

    PSO is all about learning so each Podcast could be on a certain topic but you could also talk about current Pokerstars promotions and juicy games like the Sunday Million.

    I'd certainly participate (if you can understand me) but you could have members questions and participation.

    I think Podcasting is a perfect medium for poker.


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    Originally posted by Ovalman View Post
    Has the PSO ever thought about doing a podcast?
    Yes, we have! The plan is to start publishing these in January of next year and make them available both on our desktop site but also on our new mobile site. Why don't we use Ovalman's thread for members that want to leave suggestions as to what type of content you'd like to see in a poker podcast. Raiser umbup:


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      Hand starting ranges On the flop On the turn On the river Major mistakes beginners make NL cash games FL strategy PSO League strategy (change your game when everyone listens to this ) Sit and Go strategy On the Bubble Post flop play Dealing with bullies Wet boards Dry boards PLO General news round up Keeping track of your results Downloading and using tracking software Using a HUD Bankroll management Dealing with tilt and bad runs Play money games I could go on and on BTW umbup: I'm exited you are going to do this BTW, I love podcasts. Maybe a few podcast specific promotions as well would help but I understand you have a budget to work to.
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        This is so spooky as was thinking just the same this week!

        Bit of strategy, bit of what is going on at PSO and pokerstars more generally makes best sense and would please the powers that be.

        Need/s regular hosts but I think that guests from the community would be very good. It should reward contributions to the community and impressive results by getting those in question on the podcast. And of course if you want it to be a success in terms of listens it simply needs something like a podcast freeroll and the password revealed sometime during the 'show'.


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          I've listened to quite a few podcasts now in writing the reviews for my blog and have some ideas of what works and what doesn't in my opinion. If PSO is interested in input I'd love to help out and have a longer conversation about what a successful podcast might look (sound) like


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            Originally posted by 85FastLane View Post
            I'd love to help out and have a longer conversation about what a successful podcast might look (sound) like
            Hey Lane, Sure, we'd love to hear from you. You can use this thread to post ideas or if you prefer send an email to Raiser umbup:


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              I have given this some thought also , I have found it very interesting to have a team pro moderate while We-the PSO'ers are playing other members .Mind you it should be private and inclusive as so all of the members are not subjective,to there miss givings, Ahh but what the HE ll we do not need to play if we are woried about others watching
              I'm in for all and anything
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                Hey guys, We've launched a pilot episode of a PSO Podcast and you can check it out here: We'd like to tailor this show to what you guys want to hear so please leave your feedback and suggestions in this thread. The first episode is a test run and we hope to make improvements with each episode. Cheers, Raiser umbup:


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                  Seen your message on Twitter and asked for an RSS feed so I can add it too my Podcasting software. I listen to a load of podcasts on a wide variety of subjects and an RSS feed makes downloading and listening so much easier. I was told the Feed will be added in the coming days (fingers crossed.) I'll listen and give verdict when the RSS is added.
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                    Pilot epsidode is good. I'm hoping this becomes a regular show.
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                      Nice one guys, looking forward to the next one.
                      I'm so glad that you've taken the "plunge" and I honestly think that our own PSO podcast will become a huge asset to our great community.

                      Thx again.
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                        Listened to the first episode and I know each one will improve on the next, so I won't be too critical of the first shot. RoyalRaise, I think you're a great host. You sound like a pro. I just want to say, and my intent is to be constructive not to insult, that this episode sounded more like an infomercial than a podcast. Need more content! I was a bit disappointed. I'm sure the next one will be better.


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                          Glad that Lane kicked off some constructive criticism, I know that it is meant with best of intention as several of us wanted a podcast and are thrilled that it is here, I think it was a sterling effort for the first show and certainly hope it continues.

                          The constructive stuff:
                          • I couldn't tell what the target was, it felt like it started off as aimed at PSO noobs but then quickly moved into a lot of poker lingo that beginners would not understand. I selfishly would prefer a PSO show aimed at those already on PSO - but anyway I don't think you can have a show that pleases both beginners and the kind of knowledgeable improvers who are most likely to come across the podcast on PSO.
                          • The first and last sections dragged a little, I get that you need to sell the wares, but this could have been snappier.
                          • Also I don't know when it first appeared but I certainly listened after MicroMillions finished, so your November podcast should really be talking about the December festival. I guess better if the podcast comes out near the end of the month and promotes what is on next month.
                          • Following discussion about a particular hand is really difficult via audio, there was something about sixes on different stack sizes. There should be strategy segments, but having particular hands available with the link to the podcast would help clarity.
                          • The ACoimbra interview was awesome with some great advice in there. I also enjoyed the eureka moment kind of discussions.
                          • It felt a little scripted, but then it is understandable that with experience the handovers between hosts would feel a little more natural.


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                            Thanks guys for the feedback, It was completely unscripted though, more of a test pilot episode to work out the tech end of things more than anything else. Going forward it will be difficult to find a balance between content that will suit both new and more experienced members as PSO caters for both each week that passes but we will try our best. We will certainly try to make the promo info more snappier but really glad that the guest feature went down well. Also, we'd really like to have a regular strategy segment but it's a good point that was made that some of the lingo would have went over a beginners head and it's difficult to visualise a hand via audio media, we'll keep that in mind for future episodes. Honestly, it will take numerous episodes before we begin to mold this into a show that works for the majority of the community but this will happen sooner if we keep hearing feedback like that above from Profess Awe and 85Fastlane, keeping sending it in guys and we'll do our best. Raiser umbup:


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                              I will also be giving some feedback, but for the moment just getting it started and public is fantastic.
                              Content-wize? ..... larger sample size needed.

                              Quick question....Is the plan to run it once a month for a while, and would it be on a specific date?
                              eg. 28th of each month or similar?

                              Keep it going can become such a big winner, and I'm sure it will.
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