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SNG game eliminated?

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  • SNG game eliminated?

    Those of you who have followed my thread in the beginner's forum know that I am playing the 27-player play chip SNG games. Prior to the site going down for maintenance, I played a total of 1,360 of the 2,000 games I intended.

    The server is operational, but the 27-player option is missing from all levels on the play money side. I've sent a ticket, and will post its contents here.

    However, if anyone is privy to what has happened, let me know. I would hate to start all over again with my stats on a new SNG variation.

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    We have a reply:


    Thank you for your email.

    Based on player feedback as well as an analysis of data generated through
    actual game play, we have made a number of changes to our play money game
    offering. Our overall aim in making these changes was to unify buy-ins and
    remove the least popular games whilst adding more of the popular games.

    You will find a summary of the changes below:

    Mult-Table Tournaments (MTTs):

    -All play money rebuy MTTs have been removed.
    -Added No Limit Hold'em (NLHE) timed tournaments and Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO)
    knockout tournaments.
    -NLHE and PLO have tournaments starting 1,000 all the way up to 1,000,000.
    -All other game types are 1,000 buy-ins and there are three of these every hour.

    Sit & Go Tournaments (SNGs):

    -Some changes to buy-in levels. The following buy-in levels are now on offer
    (though not all game types offer all amounts):

    100, 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000,
    500,000, 1,000,000.

    [The most common change was 300 to 250 and 2,000 to 1,000.]

    -All 18, 27, 180 and 990-man SNGs have been removed.
    -All hyper-turbo, turbo and regular speed tournaments have 500, 1,000 and
    1,500 starting stack respectively.
    -We are introducing 500 and 1,000 NLHE Fifty50s.

    Ring Games (RGs):

    -All RGs have a 4.5% rake with the cap varying depending on level.
    -All NL and PL games have a min/max buy-in of 40/100 big blinds and default
    buy-in for these is now 100 big blinds.
    -All 1/2 limits have been removed EXCEPT for NLHE, PLO, PLO8 and 2/4 for
    FLHE. FLHE, FLO8, NLHE and PLO now all have super high stakes.
    -200/400 has been increased to 250/500 and 400/800 has been increased to
    500/1,000 for fixed limit games.
    -For Zoom we have added 500/1,000 for NLHE 9-max and the only FLHE limit is
    now 20/40.

    If you are unable to find any games displayed in the client lobby, you may
    need to adjust either your "Tourney Filter", "Sit & Go Filter" or "Ring Game
    Filter" settings to reflect the changes we have made above. Each one of
    these filters can be accessed by clicking on the filter button found at the
    top right-corner of the games list. You can quickly reset your filter
    settings by clicking on the "Reset" button in the bottom right-corner of the
    filter page.

    We apologise if your preferred game type is no longer being offered.
    However, please understand again that these changes have been taking into
    player feedback as well as actual data we generate from the PokerStars game
    client, which gives us a clear picture of the least favourite and most
    popular games. We will continue monitoring player feedback if we contemplate
    any changes to our play money game offering in future.

    If you have any other queries, please contact us again.


    Joe DD
    PokerStars Support Team


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      Sorry to hear that your favourite game has been removed Cairn. Although I do understand that PokerStars are constantly reviewing and changing the games they offer and have their reasons to do so. I'm sure you're probably a little miffed about this but I hope you find a new game to play and learn to beat. Maybe think of it as a whole new challenge to take on.

      Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

      Bracelet Winner


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        Perhaps I'll join Moxie Pip on the 45-player game. I'm just going to miss the similarity to the Battle of the Planets.


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          Originally posted by Cairn Destop View Post
          Perhaps I'll join Moxie Pip on the 45-player game. I'm just going to miss the similarity to the Battle of the Planets.

          Sent you a PM Hedgehog.


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            Wandered back to the site just to see what's happening. The 27-player game is back, but as a turbo. Those games rely too much on luck. If you don't double each round, you're out. Looks like I'll be joining the Drunk Tank.


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              Originally posted by Cairn Destop View Post
              Looks like I'll be joining the Drunk Tank.

              If you want to play the tank, it's up to Eff, but you've got a 100% endorsement from me.

              John (JWK24)

              6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                Originally posted by JWK24 View Post

                If you want to play the tank, it's up to Eff, but you've got a 100% endorsement from me.

                John (JWK24)

                hey john....sent him a pm the other day....just waiting for him to join us drunks,,,,,,hiccup
                Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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                  These new play money changes are horrible. It looks to me like they just want to close the gap between skill and luck by making everything turbo blinds.



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