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i cant read data od hand replayer

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  • i cant read data od hand replayer

    when i paste hand on hand replayer i cant read data????

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    Please make sure that you have copy+pasted the complete raw and unedited hand history text in it's entirety into the hand replayer tool.

    Here is a video on how to use the hand replayer.

    Good luck and good decisions.

    Kind regards,

    Quintuple Bracelet Winner


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      PokerStars ruka br. 99829672687: Hold'em No Limit (0.01 $/0.02 $ USD) - 10.06.2013 12:54:18 CET [10.06.2013 6:54:18 ET]
      Stol 'Ganymede' 9-max Sjedalo br. 5 je djelitelj
      Sjedalo 1: jony5652 (2.16 $ u žetonima)
      Sjedalo 2: mario68s (1.21 $ u žetonima)
      Sjedalo 3: jgazevedo290 (1.29 $ u žetonima)
      Sjedalo 5: dghqy (0.44 $ u žetonima)
      Sjedalo 6: azus31 (0.85 $ u žetonima)
      Sjedalo 7: SerjCSS (1.51 $ u žetonima)
      Sjedalo 8: xGreatGx (3.05 $ u žetonima)
      Sjedalo 9: wibo61 (1.77 $ u žetonima)
      azus31: objavljuje mali blind 0.01 $
      SerjCSS: objavljuje veliki blind 0.02 $
      screen99: odsutan
      *** RUČNE KARTE ***
      Podijeljeno azus31 [Ac Ad]
      xGreatGx: odustaje
      wibo61: povećava 0.04 $ do 0.06 $
      jony5652: odustaje
      mario68s: odustaje
      jgazevedo290: odustaje
      dghqy: odustaje
      azus31: povećava 0.28 $ do 0.34 $
      SerjCSS: odustaje
      wibo61: povećava 0.54 $ do 0.88 $
      azus31: prati 0.51 $ i ušao je all-in
      Ulog koji nitko nije pratio (0.03 $) vraćen je igraču wibo61
      *** FLOP *** [8s 7c 5c]
      *** TURN *** [8s 7c 5c] [Qc]
      *** RIVER *** [8s 7c 5c Qc] [Jh]
      *** SHOWDOWN ***
      azus31: pokazuje [Ac Ad] (par aseva)
      wibo61: pokazuje [Ah Qh] (par dama)
      dghqy je izgubio vezu
      azus31 pokupio 1.66 $ iz pota
      *** SAŽETAK ***
      Ukupan pot 1.72 $ | Rake 0.06 $
      Zajedničke karte [8s 7c 5c Qc Jh]
      Sjedalo 1: jony5652 je odustao prije Flop (nije uložio)
      Sjedalo 2: mario68s je odustao prije Flop (nije uložio)
      Sjedalo 3: jgazevedo290 je odustao prije Flop (nije uložio)
      Sjedalo 5: dghqy (djelitelj) je odustao prije Flop (nije uložio)
      Sjedalo 6: azus31 (mali blind) pokazao [Ac Ad] i osvojio (1.66 $) s par aseva
      Sjedalo 7: SerjCSS (veliki blind) je odustao prije Flop
      Sjedalo 8: xGreatGx je odustao prije Flop (nije uložio)
      Sjedalo 9: wibo61 pokazao [Ah Qh] i izgubio s par dama

      this is my hand. im 100% sure that i copied correct and still cant read data when i copy+paste??


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        The hand replayer tool presently only supports English text hand histories. I apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience. Although, if you are to change the language filter on your PokerStars game client to English, you'll be able to obtain English text hand histories.

        Kind regards,

        Quintuple Bracelet Winner


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          aaaaaa, no problem, ok, thx



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