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BUG: Videos won't play anymore on this site?

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  • BUG: Videos won't play anymore on this site?

    Hi guys,

    Starting today I'm unable to playback any video on this site anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this, or is this server-sided? They play for a few seconds in Chrome, and don't start in firefox at all.

    This is wat I keep seeing in both browsers:


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    Hey there, This is an ongoing error that often occurs especially using the Chrome browser. We have reported this to the technical team who will investigate and fix any bugs they come across. Hopefully this can be resolved soon and sorry for the inconvenience. Raiser umbup:

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      Thanks a lot,

      Seems to be running perfectly fine on Safari (for Windows) which I had installed for some reason
      You can keep that in mind if someone runs into the same problem until it has been fixed.
      I will also try to run CCleaner and other software and report back later!


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        Some of the videos work on chrome, seems to be the newer ones, but a lot of the other ones I have to revert to IE for.

        Its not particular to you wilcogold - if that helps any.


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          I searched for a solution for this on the internet because it was driving me nuts! And found one - unfortunately, the solution's only temporary because Chrome keeps auto-correcting and reverting back to the default setting, so the solution wound up being more frustrating than the lack of one. So I just use IE to watch videos and live training.

          But here's how to get the videos to work if you're *really* determined to watch them using Chrome lol

          1. Menu
          2. Settings
          3. Show advanced settings
          4. Privacy > Content settings
          5. Plug-ins > Disable individual plug-ins
          6. Details
          7. Disable: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\27.0.1453.94\Peppe rFlash\pepflashplayer.dll
          8. Close and re-open browser

          (This assumes you have the non-chrome flash player loaded on your computer, so when you disable the pepperflash one, the other one will take over)


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            ^ Nice find, but I'm not a Chrome user though I just tried if it worked on there..

            I now resorted to just downloading the videos. (hope it is allowed) which also creates the possibility to watch them on my tablet, which is nice


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              Originally posted by wilcogold View Post
              ^ Nice find, but I'm not a Chrome user though

              Oh ... okay

              Originally posted by wilcogold View Post
              They play for a few seconds in Chrome


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                Originally posted by TrustySam View Post
                Oh ... okay
                I of course had to try some browsers to narrow down the problem
                Safari seems to be best so far, but my favorite is firefox still..

                but chrome.. google are you even trying? everything is blue.. no buttons etc


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                  Oh I see

                  oh no about the google lol - yikes!!

                  Firefox seems really popular! Yeah, it's kind nice to be able to use just one browser all the time - especially when it opens the same pages at startup, and has the favorites all loaded up and all that stuff. Hopefully the tech team'll be able to find the bugs and get the player working for those of us who don't use IE all the time - that'd be nice


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                    I agree on all points there