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A tourney that resembles real life conditions!

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  • A tourney that resembles real life conditions!

    Hi all.

    I'd like to start a discussion about emulating real life poker tourney's online, this has never been done before and I think it is an interesting concept .

    Any person can enter a tourney with 10 or 15 min blind levels. 10 or 15 mins is hardly enough time to get a real read on a player, some players might play tight and fold every hand, some play loose aggressive and raise too many times, some play tight aggressive. In all honesty it's a turkey shoot. I have found the best one can hope for is a table with good players and players that appreciate the game.

    In real life a player who enters a WPT, Aussie Millions or even a WSOP tourney is not prepared for the onslaught of gruelling 10 hour days over a 5 or 6 day period. I would like to suggest a new tourney structure to help prepare players for long tourney games.

    I would like to propose the worlds first true deep stack online tourney. 1 hour levels, 10 min breaks every level and a meal break after the 4rth level. Maximum of 10 levels per day. 30G starting stack (regardless of buy in). This will help to train people for long haul tournaments and help players to appreciate the intricacy's of this game. It will also help give players a chance to read plays and question plays and assess a situation correctly.

    It's just an idea. Please feel free to comment.

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    I don't dislike the idea, but you have to look at hands per hour in a live tournament versus an online tournament. When you get deeper in a large live tournament, the hands per hour drop significantly. With a couple of tankers at the table you can easily spend 5-10 minutes on a single hand, so 15-25 hands per hour isn't unusual. Online tables have much higher hands per hour, and adjusting this by extending peoples timebanks isn't the right way to go in my mind. Finding a balance between stacksizes, hands per hour and timebanks might be difficult.
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      I think butch has nailed one of the main reasons why this idea is unlikely to get off the ground. 15 minute levels aren't long enough to get good reads on a live player, because you might only play 3 hands in 15 minutes. Online, you're likely to get 20 hands in.
      In Pokerstars tournaments with 15 minute levels and 150bb starting stacks, a big field tourney can still last for several hours and be just as gruelling as playing live, because you're having to make a decision every minute or so. If you're multi-tabling, then you have to think about your hand every few seconds!
      I tend to prefer the games with a slower structure, but I'm in a minority, I think. Most online players want the action to be thick and fast, which is why Zoom has been so popular. When online plyaers first try out a live game, they tend to find it incredibly slow and boring.
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