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CONTEST - Do YOU Have the Sickest Setup? "Discussion Page"

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  • CONTEST - Do YOU Have the Sickest Setup? "Discussion Page"

    Do you have the Sickest Setup?

    In my day we played poker one table at a time on a single screen! Like men! Like...old men.

    Oh, let's just face it. The times have changed. Even the slowest of grinders is working on a few tables at once. People like Team
    Online's Randy Lew need at least a couple of monitors to keep their volume up.

    These days, a good grinding set-up can mark you as a balla among ballas. Your ergonomic chair, track lighting, and machine that makes birdie sounds are just the beginning of your super-duper-ginding cockpit. Your 50-inch dual monitors, Red Bull dispenser, and custom grape-peeling machine are the stuff of legend. Heck, it almost makes Randy Lew's stuff look quaint.

    But now, PokerStars wants to give you something for having the sickest set-up around.

    Randy "nanonoko" Lew

    Beginning today and running through April 7, Team Online wants to see your Sickest Setup picture. There are ten prizes worth 50,000 Frequent Player Points apiece.

    To enter your setup, take a photo and post it on Intstgram with the #starssickestsetup hashtag and your PokerStars ID in the photo. Team Online and PokerStars players will vote, and the top ten setups will win a prize.

    The competition closes at the end of the $1 million Sunday Storm Second Anniversary tournament, so get your pictures in now.
    To see all the rules, how to enter, and how to vote on your favorites, check out the PokerStars Sickest Setup page.
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    Hello All,

    Reading about the sickest set up made me think back some time ago so I wanted to share some Pix with you.

    I sure many have a sicker set up then I but this is how I roll

    I sit in a Lazy Boy as nothing like reclining well playing

    These be from 2009

    Please share your set up also and be sure to take part in the Promotion

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      Is that all you got lol, check out the bad boy I am using, no screen , wires hanging out, keys missing quality winning machine lolllll.umbup:
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        Praying Mantis SetUp Here's my SetUp I called it Praying Mantis, as I have a pet Praying Mantis(3rd Attachment) which is very pregnant(going too be lots little Praying Mantis running around soon), she helps keeps the flys down(I have few videos of her catching flys and eating them) All Thee Bestumbup:
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          Beats me. I generally use an old laptop with a tiny screen while sitting on the toilet.

          You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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            Will have to setup an instragram account now.
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              Here's my entry...

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                Just a heads up. I would like to commend pokerstars for doing the right thing about this contest when it comes to legitimacy. I emailed pokerstars support a few days ago and as expected, I got a super fast reply(one of the things i love about pokerstars) and I was asking about who won the contest because I don't see any announcement on the website, and they told me that they are currently reviewing the entries for genuine "likes". Obviously I am one of the participants. I don't have those fancy set up, just a simple laptop with an extension monitor I just gave it a try and joined. I literally didn't able to do my usual grind for a week just to browse instagram users account as much as I can to promote my picture entry and ask for their valuable "like". But I only managed to get 400+ likes. I spent countless hours just to get those likes in a very fair way only to see some entries with ridiculous amount of "likes". Getting a 1k - 2k likes is doable if you have enough time. but getting that number of likes in just a week is close to impossible if you do it in less than a week let alone to see some entries with more than 10k likes. Unless you pay for "likes" which is not fair, right? I did a quick search on google and found out that there are sites who actually offers a certain number of "likes" and "followers" that you want for your picture/account if you pay them with real money. If they are real or scam, I don't know. but these kinds of services actually exist. I am not here to rant or to say that my entry have to win. I am just here to let you guys know that I really admire pokerstars in what they are doing about this contest. More power Pokerstars! I love you to death! umbup:umbup:umbup:


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                  Geez I wouldnt have even thought about a site selling "likes" ,I guess there is no end to things people will do for a dime. Its very sad . I didnt enter the contest cause I dont want anyone seeing how or what I use Ill just get a new one someday, its on the list. I hope you do well in the contest and gl to all that entered. Hope Pokerstars can sort out the "likes" from the pathetic people with no pride.
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