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RE: January 2013 Changes to the Live Training Schedule

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  • RE: January 2013 Changes to the Live Training Schedule

    Hey, so I was reading Dave's Blog about the cut-back of Live Training Classes here:

    First of all, those of you who are regular attendees of live training will notice a decrease in the number of classes being offered in January 2013. The reality of the situation is that attendance and live training video views has been consistent throughout 2012, but has not really risen.

    While PokerStars remains committed to bringing you the tools to grow your game and succeed, they are also going to set budgets accordingly, and a lot of that is attendance and video view driven.
    And I guess whoever was reviewing the budgets was looking mostly at attendance and video view because they're pretty much the only measures available to gauge the cost-benefits of the program, etc?

    Unless somebody like me comes and gives you more info with which to work with I guess?

    Something that came to mind when Dave mentioned attendance and video views being the measures of review, was that barriers to attendance/usage got added in 2012 which might perhaps account for the lack of increase in viewership? Those VPP requirements to attendance to Live Training got added in November 2012 (according to this thread: And did the website get reorganized in September 2012 (which included a deletion of the video index off the main page (edited) - which numerous people complained was less user-friendly in that it made it harder to find the help we were looking for)?

    Those two factors have definitely been an impediment to greater participation for me - because I wasn't making 150VPPs when the VPP requirement was implemented. And as hard-working as I am, since I mostly play cash games, I just could never be bothered to muster up that extra energy to go wading through Chewme's videos to try and find the occasional tournament help (although the ones I did watch were super helpful!) ... (nor could I be bothered to wade through my bookmarks to find the link to the video page, or make yet another post asking one of the mods for the link, like others have: (edited))

    So I thought maybe whoever was reviewing the program might possibly find that sort of additional info interesting? Or not?

    Something else to note about the VPP threshold is that a lot of the Zoom classes that I've been attending have had VPP requirements, and the one time there wasn't (Dec. 5, 2012 - 'Hand Reading Basics'), attendance was something like 3 or 4 times greater than usual? On the other hand, while there might only be about 15 of us attending a class with a 150VPP requirement, those of us who are attending have been mostly Silver and Gold star, so we collectively pay a lot in rake - probably more than the attendees combined in an entry-level class.

    And why that's key I think is because the VIP system got changed for 2013, and so now I personally only need 500VPPs a month to reap the same benefits as before. I'd be making $50 fewer in FPPs a year, but there'd be no difference in Stellar Rewards. And while I've gotten into the habit of playing enough every month to make 750VPPs, the last incentive I had to want to play extra - the fun stuff I was learning in my once weekly Live Training class - is no longer there (I think? Unless it got shifted to Tuesday, although that doesn't seem likely?). And since for me, 250VPPs is about $33 in rake, playing 2/3 less this year will mean almost $400 less rake from me alone.

    I'm so grateful to everything PSO's offered all of us to help us try to get started playing poker, with all the great stuff available like the leagues, the live training classes (with high quality, helpful and interesting content, that's well-presented), the video library, the hand analysis forum (with the quick replies), the contests, the fast responses from support, etc, etc. Without all that help, there's no way I'd be doing as well as I'm doing now - so it's kind of sad to think that others might not have as much of an opportunity, or as easy a time finding the resources they need, just because attendance is down?

    Hope whoever's reading finds my story an interesting addition to the live training attendance and video view figures
    Last edited by TrustySam; Sun Jan 06, 2013, 02:42 PM. Reason: Edited to address the video page

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    I would be watching far move Videos if I could only find the ones I want.

    Please put back in place an index page.

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    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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      The video page is still there.

      Good luck
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        thank you for that link Doug,

        I had missed how to get to it somewhere and had given up trying.

        Bookmarked now and will start looking through later today.

        Grade b
        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

        13 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Oh yes, ty ty everybody for the link! Bearxing, and also Royalraiser for coming up with that great idea to tack it onto the Live Training thread with a sticky, so I won't ever have to wonder where it went ever again

          Just wanted to elaborate on my larger idea though, which was more about the fact like, without having the link featured prominently on the 'Videos' front page, viewership might be suffering.

          The new page looks really great in it's simplicity, with the highlight pics and stuff - but something I noticed during the Sunday Million ticket giveaway the week people were required to blog about a video they'd watched from the library, was that the most popular video to mention was the Joe Hachem one that was situated in the top left corner of the front page. It had a grand total of like 135 views, but at least 50% of people were mentioning it, so it just seemed like, you know, it's maybe human nature for our attention to go to what's featured the most prominently ... oftentimes to the detriment of everything else?

          So if there's only 12 videos being highlighted at a time, and there's no link being given for the majority of other video (and people have to know what they're searching for to use the search feature), like from a user's perspective, I guess that's why I wasn't going looking for Chewme videos ... because I didn't know what existed, in the absence of an easily accessible list?

          To listen to me talk about how I couldn't be bothered to look for videos must make me sound incredibly lazy - except that I'm not at all. So if I can't be bothered ... like I think it's more a case of that there's so many things grabbing our attention - on Pokerstars, on PSO, on the internet, in real life, that if a list of Trainer Videos isn't listed right there and accessible with one click, human nature being what it is, people aren't going to go looking for them?

          Sorry if this is really long and rambling ... hopefully it makes some sense? Like I said before though, I'm really really pleased with my experiences at PSO, and am very grateful for all the resources that you've made available - so this isn't a complaint or a request ... I just thought maybe you might find it helpful to hear things from a user's perspective? But I definitely see merits to the new design as well - it's pretty cool and stuff ... always great to try new things I think!!


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            Pokerstars commissioned market research on a number of aspects of PSO and one of the things that came up was the Video section and how much easier the old site was to find videos on.

            I know various links have been posted here and there that help but people are lazy. They want it to be no more than a click or at most two clicks away rather than numerous clicks.

            I dunno if what is happening at the minute is as a result of the research, and it would be stupid if it wasnt, but I am not sure if it really reflects what was said in the research. The training team gut a huge amount of kudos from what I read. It's sad to see the schedule reduced and the video section still more difficult than needs be to navigate.



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