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Non-English Chat

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  • Non-English Chat

    I'm curious why there is a rule against non-English chat. I watch the same players chat in other languages every night, they are reported to moderators repeatedly and never seem to be punished with even a chat ban.

    If the rule isn't being enforced, why have it??
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      Hi Joy,

      When reported, the player MUST have at least 4 lines of at least 4 words to get a warning
      Then that player will get a 1 hour ban ONLY after 8 warnings

      So you continuously have to call a MOD for it to take effect

      Hope this help
      (I was a Mod for 6 months)


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        At least I now know not to bother reporting anyone ! What a stupid rule.

        One reason why you would never want to be a Mod.
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          8 warnings .... damn!
          You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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            oh wow, didn't even know there was a rule against non English chat...its like the norm. There's lots of Europeans on and so I never thought this rule would exist.

            Not a lot of chat happens anyway for me to worried about what they are saying.


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              In my early days i blocked individuals chat at the table, but this lead to alot of stars after their names. Then i went to main table options and turned of all chat. This allowed me too focus on the cards at the table until recently. I have turned the chat back on because i now have started to play the player a bit more....


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                FYI:- On the English speaking PS site, it is important that all players can understand what is being said to keep the game fair. The number of non English words are not counted, nor are the number of number of lines,unless things have changed recently, The usual way that a mod handles calls regarding the use of none English is to go to the table concerned and remind players to only use English chat, (if they disregard the table education, it maybe because they do not understand English) a further reminder is given, if this fails then the offending player/s will be sent an email in which ever language they have choosen, and they will have there chat suspended for 3hrs or more depending on the players chat history which mods have access to. The longest chat ban for the continued use of non English was, untill May of this year when i stopped being a chat moderator on main, one week

                So please, if your find that the use of non English chat on the English speaking PS site disturbing your play, call a mod and be assured that they will take the appropriate action to keep the game fair for all players.

                If you would like more information you can email they are always very helpful.
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                  Hi Sand
                  Thanks for your post, out of interest i was a PS main site mod for about 4years and resigned in May 2012 (this year)

                  I suggest you take another look at your notes.


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                    I did

                    - Make sure there's at least 4 words (not to count words like jajaja, hola as an example)
                    - Make sure there's at least 4 lines of conversation (not necessarily all at once)
                    - After 7 notes in the file, give a formal warning (e-mail)
                    - Then you follow the steps of penalties (hour, day, week etc.)

                    I remember being reprimanded for being to fast on the trigger about it.

                    I did it for 6 months also on the main site, then quit, when I realize, that it was a waste of time.

                    PS. There was never a 3 hour ban, it was 1 hour or 4 hours, 8 hours, than 1 day, more 1 days etc. and for your info, I think it was Rose who was my mentor at that time.
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                      There were 6 involved, two players and 4 on the rail. There were many lines of chat, and many with more than 4 words. The moderator was called six times in under an hour. One comment even referenced a hand I had show down previously. This was at a final table, once it was 3 handed I was too busy to call.

                      It did slow down a little once we got to HU, and my story has a happy ending, since I won the tourney.

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                        Unfortunately this has the same ending as always... the silenced one. Congrats on the win Joy. umbup:
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