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Transfer player notes to different computer

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  • Transfer player notes to different computer

    Hey all.

    I've recently started grinding $1.50 tournaments in order to build my bankroll. I've been playing on 2 different computers (both mine, and my girlfriend's), and I've been taking diligent notes on player habits as well as color coding regular players and fish. I went to pokerstars on my computer today and found some players in tournaments that I know are regular players, yet it wasn't showing the color coding I had given them (on the other computer). Thus, I'm assuming that notes/color coding is local to the computer where I made those notes, and not to my account in general. Is there a way that I can transfer these notes from computer to computer so I can access it at home?



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    Hello Matt,

    A very warm welcome to pokerschoolonline, and thanks for your post. I have put a link here for you which may help you find your way round the site.

    Regarding transfering data from one computor to another,I just use a memory stick,to save the date i want which i then save to the second computer.

    There may well be a better way of doing what you want,Im sure one of our members will post here if they know.

    Again welcome, and good luck at the tables.


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      Matt u need to copy the notes.MattHomes.xml file. It should be in the pokerstars directory.

      Else if u have a hud like HEM2, u are allowed (as far I know) to run it on 2 systems and with notecady in it and HMsync it should update 2 systems of u. But did not test this so u try
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        So I should have one of these files on each computer, correct? Will copying one to the second computer overwrite the existing one on that computer? Because I have notes from both computers and want to merge them together.


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          Shouldn't overwrite if you copy to a stick or sd card and simply copy/paste from there.umbup: however you will have to do that on an ongoing basis whenever you make new notes or add new color codes etc
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            It shouldn't be so bad if I can just email the file to myself. If not, then it's still not too hard. Thanks for the help!

            *edit* where in the pokerstars directory is this file? I can't find it.
            Last edited by MattHomes; Tue Dec 11, 2012, 12:27 AM.


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              I'm about to try something a bit different, I'll say if it works after a few days use. If you have Google Drive or some other online storage then change the location of your hand histories folder to the online storage.

              To change the folder click on Options/ Instant hand history options.

              I'll say if it affects my Holdem Manager or any other programs but it means you could play on any computer and have instant hand histories stored.
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                Originally posted by MattHomes View Post
                It shouldn't be so bad if I can just email the file to myself. If not, then it's still not too hard. Thanks for the help!

                *edit* where in the pokerstars directory is this file? I can't find it.
                Look in C:\users\yourusername\appdata\local\pokerstars

                You may have to change your drive properties to show hidden files.

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                  sorry, duplicate.
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                    I ended up finding the folder through pokerstars (through the save hand histories option). I think the folder is hidden so I'll have to figure out how to show hidden files somehow. But I do see the file now, so thanks again for all the help.



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