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The Rule of Two and Four

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  • The Rule of Two and Four

    Hey! I've been doing the poker basics courses, and I ran up into this. Where is the mistake? In the rule or in the example?

    To put it another way: multiply by four if two cards are still to come, or two for only one card.)

    Here are some examples:

    1. You have 10 9 on a flop of A J 8. You expect your opponent has a hand like A 10 - ie, one pair - and therefore you need a straight to win. You have four queens and four sevens to make your hand. That is a total of eight outs.

    Now apply the formula. The percentage of making your hand is:

    By the turn: 8*2 = 16%
    By the river: 8*4 = 32%

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    Hi edujosan
    Thanks for your post , and welcome to PSO. This link will help you find your way around.

    The rule of 2 and 4 is correct, but the example is wrong.

    I will ask someone to take a look.

    Good luck at the tables.


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      Thanks Tony, great. Do take a look, it was a bit confusing.


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        Originally posted by edujosan View Post
        Hey! I've been doing the poker basics courses, and I ran up into this. Where is the mistake? By the turn: 8*2 = 16% By the river: 8*4 = 32%
        Hi edujosan, Thanks for pointing this out and you are correct. Recently PokerSchoolOnline updated all the quizzes and this was a typo mistake that ocurred while this was happening. We've now fixed it thanks to your help and it now reads: By the turn: 8*4 = 32% By the river: 8*2 = 16% Apologies for any confusion caused and thanks again for letting us know. Raiser umbup:


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          Our odds of hitting the turn are 8*2 but the odds of hitting the river if we call on the flop are 8*4.
          Bracelet Winner


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            Confused now too.. I agree with Ovalman. Based on the example, we have an open-ended straight draw, 8 outs. Always thought that if we call once on the flop, odds of hitting by turn is 8 x 2. If we call all in the flop, meaning 2 streets to come, odds of hitting by river is 8 x 4.

            Why is it the other way royal? Or is there some interpretation mistake by me??
            Last edited by TheAwesomeNW; Sat Nov 03, 2012, 03:47 PM.


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              Hi guys, Yes, it's still confusing the way it's worded. We'll edit it again. For new members benefit here's the way it should read. On The Flop (with 2 cards to come)8*4 = 32% On The Turn (with 1 card to come) 8*2 = 16% Hope this helps, Raiser umbup:


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                Much clearer umbup:
                Bracelet Winner


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