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  • Pso player search etc

    I am still having problems with the player search. Now at leaast in the current month and previous months I can search a player and the search engine finds him. However when I switch to a different month for the same player I just searched, I get bounced to MY OWN results in the new month I tried searching. This is very frsutrating and time consuming. I have to re-search and re-type the same player over and over again for each and every month I want to search a particular player. Is this a glitch?? I know that before the latest changes to the PSO website that I could search a player in each and every month without having to re-type that player's name every month I was searching for that same player's results. Also an OVERALL HISTORY search for all players ould be very handy or a category for each player that shows his ALL TIME PSO stats and results for each and every month he has ever played in PSO for both Open and Skill leagues.

    A few more points I wish to make while I'm here. For the SKILL league only there is NO advantage really for a late registration and late registration should be allowed as it used to be. In Open league this is different as we used to be ablke to sitout the whole tourney and still make positive pts. In the Skill league this is impossible, Sittting out in the Skill league is just stupid and makes no sense as you are certain to get negative pts. The Skill league should allow for 15 minute "late registrations" as we used to have.

    Next I wish to adress the PSO MTT blind structure. At the least we should have the same blind structure as they do in Weekly RD 2 freerolls. 10 minute blinds just makes a mockery of a "skill" league as it quickly becomes an All In bingo fest in the later stages. 15 minute blind levels would make the PSO league much more of a skill league.

    Also this is more related to chat issues but to be honest the English Only rule in chat should just be done away with. I have personally seen a 1/2 dozen and more players and observers chatting in Spanish for the WHOLE time I was at a particular table and despite at least a 1/2 dozen moderator warnings, absolutely NOTHING was done about it. I was at this table The players continued chatting in Spanish and SWEARING in Spanish without any consequences whatsoever. In other words the English Rule only for chat is a joke. Feel free to forward this on to Poker Stars directly. My chat privileges have been banned for far less than what was going on for about an hour and a half during this time and I don't even bother reporting chat violations anymore regarding language issues as nothing gets done unless the player is chatting abusively in English it seems. It's a free for all for players chatting abusively and incessantly in any other language.

    What would be really cool would be a league based on ALL PS FREEROLL RD 1 tourneys. We could play 24/7 building pts for the month playing all the games available at PS. :-) I still think the RD 1 1st place winners of each PS freeroll should win a $215 entry to the corresponding weekly tournament or at the very least an entry to a Satrurday playoff for all the winners to win a Sunday corresponding $215 entry. :-)

    All I can think of for now. Keep up the great work. :-)
    Bracelet Winner

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