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Boom Million**Official Discusion**

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  • Boom Million**Official Discusion**

    Nearly 1,000,000 Hands Shared Online. BOOMING Marvellous!

    We’re edging closer and closer to 1,000,000 hands being shared online via BOOM! Hand Replayer, and to celebrate we’re giving you the chance to win 100 big blinds at any stakes just by playing ZOOM poker from October 22-28.

    For one week only, Team PokerStars Pros have selected seven special BOOM! Hands of the Day, and to add 100 big blinds to your bankroll, all you need to do is win with these hands by playing Real Money games on Zoom poker. Check out the Zoom poker page for more details on the fast-paced format and get ready to start uploading your hands via BOOM! Hand Replayer.

    Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-eight BOOMS! Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine BOOMS!...
    How to win with B000000M!

    You can win 100 big blinds for free every day between October 22-28. But you’ll need to take down pots with specific Team PokerStars Pro Hands of Day (see below) to qualify. Players will receive 100 big blinds relative to the stakes the hand was won on, but must be playing Real Money games on a ZOOM poker Hold’em table, before uploading their hand using BOOM! Hand Replayer.

    Example: win a hand on a $1/$2 ZOOM table on Tuesday, October 23, with Ah-4s (David William’s Hand of the Day) and you’ll win 100 x $2 within 24 hours of uploading the hand on BOOM!

    Only hands won at ‘showdown’ will be eligible to win 100 big blinds and all players remaining in the hand must turn their cards over to determine who has the best hand. That means if a final bet or raise is not called, there is no showdown and the hand does not count.

    If you’ve never used BOOM! Hand Replayer before, there are two quick and easy ways to BOOM! a hand from PokerStars tables.

    Click on the star icon located in the table chat box.
    Open the instant hand history, highlight your chosen hand and hit the BOOM! button.

    See the BOOM! Hand Replayer page for more information.

  • #2
    So basically any 88 n the villain has to call a bet during any street on flop,turn or river.


    • #3
      also how long does it take to receive the 1BI ?


      • #4
        Do the suits actually matter or is it any 88 today? I've won twice and uploaded on BOOM, haven't received anything yet.


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            Wrote a letter to the support to know for sure.

            The thing is, I had spots where I could get more value from that special hand, but had to play too passive in order to get it to the showdown, otherwise it doesn't count. So it's better to know if it makes any sense


            • #7
              The promo states

              How to win with B000000M!

              To win 100 big blinds, you’ll need to take down a pot with a Team PokerStars Pro Hand of Day (see below). Players will receive 100 big blinds relative to the stakes the hand was won on, but must be playing Real Money games on a Zoom poker Hold’em table, and must upload their hand using BOOM! Hand Replayer.

              Please note that you must win with the exact Hand of the Day, including suits, to be eligible for a prize.

              So exact hands only.

              4 Time Bracelet Winner


              • #8
                So I'm not getting anything so far, lol

                At least today's hand is not that bad. Getting it to the showdown and winning with Ah4s or Ks7h is not a piece of cake )


                • #9
                  Somebody over at 2+2 calculated that we'll be dealt 8h8d or 8d8h about 1 in 1324 times?

                  That's what it took around for me ... 1433 'til I finally got one:


                  What a gnarly hand LOL ... not sure if it was worth the risk to try and make it to showdown in the hopes of winning, just to win $5. I guess it was more for the fun of it - like the break from routine and stuff. This is the first promotion for Zoom, so it's been pretty exciting to have I guess

                  Anybody else catch one?


                  • #10
                    That's great, Sam, tough to even get dealt that hand, never mind win with it. Big Congrats!!

                    Bracelet Winner


                    • #11
                      Thx Joy!!!

                      Gosh ... I was down 4 buy-ins at one point today - wasn't the luckiest day, but like usual at least 50% of it was me having a hard time letting go of the 2nd nuts. So that was a nice way to end the day - I already had the 'sit out next bb' button checked and everything, and then it hit.

                      Now if I could just learn to fold when I'm behind ...


                      • #12
                        WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO nice hand Sam, that's the boom hand wow very nice

                        and what a triple barrel call woooooo hoooooooo

                        did they award you the 100 big blinds already


                        • #13
                          haha!! Thx Marvin umbup: So embarrassed to have to post that hand Everybody's (check-)calling, even with overs on the board (some hands from 2+2 that other people have posted)... : ... and nobody's raising, and so some people who flopped strong have wound up getting outdrawn and lost/shared their pot (): The promotion started off the week with the easier hands to win with (88, A4o), and then by the end of the week, it looks like maybe it might not be so worth it to try to get to showdown in the hopes of winning (with 32s). Will definitely have to think about how much I'm willing to call to try to win that extra $5 I guess :/ And then yeah, I guess maybe if anybody was thinking of giving this promotion a try, today might be an easier day than like later in the week? I already won another one today ... only took 737 hands And then you get a note in your Transaction History and an email after - like 6hrs and 11hrs later? It's nice that they rotate the promotions around, like how cash games have the milestone hand, and SNGs have the Battle of the Planets. That'd be cool if they came up with something for casual Tourney players that was similar, since it must be impossible to make the leaderboard otherwise? Hopefully next time!! umbup:


                          • #14
                            Got Ah4s twice more in the next 350 hands, but had to let one go before showdown. Uggghhhhh ... wound up hanging on way longer than I should have, but maybe that's good practice for learning to let go of even worse hands in the coming days when they're clearly drawing dead I guess:

                            2nd Winning Hand:

                            Losing Hand:

                            Too tilted from the spew to keep playing ... enough for today (today being until midnight )


                            • #15
                              Sam wow good job, umbup:umbup: I tried it and forgot today not A4s or any 88 yesterday. Need to pay attention.



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