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Normal Paced games (Beginner)

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  • Normal Paced games (Beginner)

    Hi all.

    I'm pretty much a complete beginner (Have played holdem with mates before... that's it) and so I'm looking for some slower paced games to get my head around everything.
    I've been looking in the play money rooms on the poker stars software and every room I go into seems to be fast.
    Everyone zips through their turns and i'm pretty lost before the hands over... I just look in the chat window and it mostly says player **** has 8 seconds to play.

    Are there rooms for players like myself to take things at a bit slower pace or is this all there is? I looked into about 20 rooms and all were fast paced.



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    Hi Matt! Welcome to the forum. Here's a link that will start to get you familiar with the options that PSO has to offer. The basic online games give only a few seconds to act (normally 12), but most tourneys and tables do have an additional timebank that can be used throughout the tourney. This timeframe is very standard for online games and a player can take as much or as little of it as they want. There aren't specific games where players are allowed more time per hand and that's one good thing about online games, that players see more hands and can therefore work thru the variance of the cards in a shorter period of time due to seeing more hands. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Ok I'll look into that link thanks John. I wondered cause I read in the help section somewhere that there were games of up to 32 seconds per turn and when I go into the filter there's an option to check or uncheck both 'fast tables' and 'normal speed tables' but it doesn't seem to actually change anything in the list.

      This is what I read in a FAQ that was linked from the poker stars program:

      What happens if I am disconnected in the middle of a hand?
      It occasionally occurs that due to reasons beyond our players' control, they are unable to act on their poker hand in time. At PokerStars, a player in a ring (non-tournament) game is normally allotted 25 seconds to act on their hand if it is a fixed limit poker game, and 35 seconds in a pot limit or no limit poker game. A warning message is displayed in the chat box when there are 15 seconds left to act. If there was a disconnection and a player returned before the timeout, he or she receives at least 10 seconds to act. Less time to act is allocated at tables designated as ‘fast.’


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        Hi Matt!

        If a player is disconnected, then they will be alloted extra time. It will vary depending on the type of game, tourney, etc. I've had it happen to me and honestly, I've got a seperate column and sheet in my spreadsheet to account for the games where this happens to me.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Ok thanks. I just bit the bullet and jumped in to a game and did ok with the speed anyway. I guess all those that know what they're doing will be quite fast anyway.

          I kept up... went all in in the end and lost haha. It was fun though.


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            Hey Matt
            I think once you get an idea of starting hands, position and learn to read players online a bit, you will do just fine, and what seems too fast to you now will be plenty of time. The fact that you are even asking questions like this is a good thing.

            There is some quality help to be had here. Take advantage of that, and most importantly
            HAVE FUN!!!




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