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PokerStars Software Update - Week of April 25th

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  • PokerStars Software Update - Week of April 25th

    Hello PSO,

    We will release a client update over the next few days. Besides some further ZOOM improvements released with this update, we are also introducing some exciting new features. More details below.

    Easier and Richer Table Customization (Beta)

    We are adding the ability to choose a different background and to change the felt color for each theme. After the update, you can right-click on the respective area of the table and you will see a drop-down menu with a selection of background or felt choices. For example, you can play with Nova theme with a light-colored background, or play with Black theme and a red felt on a red carpet background.

    Initially, all Nova, Black, Classic, and Slick themes will support this functionality, but we will expand it to all themes around mid-May. We also plan to add more functionality then, to make it even easier to get the table look and feel which are perfect for you.

    We would love to hear your feedback about this feature once you have had a chance to try it out, especially about what backgrounds and what felt colors you would like to have offered.

    Group Similar Ring Game Tables (Beta for Play Money)

    We are working on making it easier to find and join games in the lobby. To this end, we will release a feature that groups all ring game tables of the same type together.

    Clicking “Seat Me” will quickly place you at a table with an available seat from this group of tables, or by clicking the “+” icon you can expand each group to see the individual tables.

    Initially, this feature will be deployed only for Hold’em and Omaha Play Money games, but the plan is to roll it out to all Ring Games. We will of course offer the option to keep the current view of games by not grouping them. To see the feature, simply go to the Hold’em or Omaha Play Money tabs after the client update.


    We have made a lot of improvements to Zoom this month based on player feedback. Some of the new changes released with this client are:
    • “Fold and Watch” button inside the Fold button, making it easier to Fold and Watch a hand by just a single click of the mouse. This is optional and off by default. To enable this feature go to ‘Options’ > ‘ZOOM Options’ > ‘Display Fold and Watch’ from the lobby.

    • “New Hand” button while watching. After choosing to Fold and Watch there will now be a “New Hand” button so that you can jump straight back into action without having to wait for the hand to actually finish.

    • Tweaks to back-end performance to improve the flow of the game, which might be more noticeable to players with a bit slower connections.

    Auto-Refresh Info Tab

    The “Info” tab on the tables will now automatically refresh after each hand. This has freed up some space so we are adding “X places paid” for tournaments. Please let us know what you will find most useful for both ring games and tournament to be added in this tab.


    We are introducing some further improvements to Hotkeys, including:

    • Activate Next/Previous Table. The behaviour here is changing to closer match the feedback that we have received.

    • ZOOM Fold and Watch hotkey is being introduced.

    Auto-Buy-In and Rathole Restriction

    We have added an option in the Auto-Buy-In dialog to allow players to auto-buy-in for the rathole restriction amount when applicable. To activate this setting, simply check “Automatically return to table with same amount if required” in the Auto-Buy-In dialog (‘Options’ > ‘Auto-Buy-In (Ring Games)’).

    As always we have a lot of minor tweaks and fixes to the client, among which is improved design to the pre-action check boxes and removing the green “Seat Open” design until we refine it more.

    Note: The above changes would only take effect once your gaming client has been updated, which could happen at different times for different players. Please ensure you are running PokerStarsUpdate.exe to get the update.
    PokerStars VIP Coordinator - Dylan

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    The one feature I'm not too crazy about is where the site placed the reset button on the stats tab. I like to bounce between chat and the stats while playing the chip play SNG games. The green reset button is so close to where the chat tab is located that a slight slip could erase your numbers.

    If I could suggest moving the reset button to the bottom or making it more distinctive, that would be a welcomed improvement.

    ************************************************** *********************************************

    Customized tables has been something I have always wanted to try, but found difficult. I'll be looking forward to this feature and will try it in the near future.

    ************************************************** ***********************************************

    Grouping ring games is something that always made sense to me. When Americans could play for cheques, it could be a bother searching half a dozen tables of the same price and style. I do see this feature as a prelude to an even better feature, the ability to collapse tables with too few players to form full tables.

    That is done in card rooms and casinos all the time. Table A, Table B, and Table C have three players. The three tables are merged, and the players carry their current stakes to the new table. It would offer more action for the players and bigger pots.

    ************************************************** *************************************************

    There is still one disadvantage to the Zoom games, which I have been doing on the chip side. You cannot get the hand history. Once you fold, your hand history ends. I would like to see it possible to receive the hand history for the full play. Players could then examine the final outcome and make better decisions in the future based on prior history and activity.

    Just the old hedgehog acting like a voice in the wilderness.


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      Auto-Refresh Info Tab Auto-Refresh Info Tab I Really like this update, as it helps not to miss click when refreshing info (as this was problem in old version specially if multi-tabling)umbup: and i have updated my Table Theme to the Nova theme which has better button/box tick GUI layout. Thanks PS Great jobumbup: All Thee Bestumbup:
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