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Chat mods on tables

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  • Chat mods on tables

    I'm really disappointed with the attitude chat mods are taking with a player called marciamou. He repeatedly types kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk into the chat which is really distracting and annoying and then types "europa merda" (can someone translate this for me) in Portuguese.

    I have repeatedly called mods to his abuse but they warn him and then leave the table for his abuse to continue. When I switch off the chat bubbles and chat his speech still appears as "*******".

    I know others have reported him as mods have appeared when I haven't called them. I like the chat, you can sometimes glean some information from it so I dislike the idea of switching him off.

    I emailed chat support and they said the matter had been dealt with but every time I play I can't avoid him when he joins my table.

    Is there anything else I can do?
    Bracelet Winner

  • #2
    I would guess he is typing "shit Europe"

    What more can you do?

    Insult him in advanced English, take all his chips.


    • #3
      I guess you're allowed to type repeated letters and swear in other languages.

      I replied to the mods that I will do it every time he does. I'm not worried about a chat ban so long as he's banned also.
      Bracelet Winner


      • #4
        Do a search in this forum
        I've explained how it works, I was once a mod
        zzzzzzzzz or kkkkkkkkk, there's nothing mod will do, but, if it's 7 lines deep and repetitious (means that YOU can't type a word), than yes
        As for "europa merda, that's NOT English and since mod's are NOT allowed to translate, it falls under NOT English. For him to get some sort of ban, he needs a minimum of 4 lines of at least 3-4 words and he had to be warned at least 8 times before a 3 hour ban.
        Mods have rules to follow which are set up by PokerStars, even if you don't like it.

        Be careful, if you keep calling them for little things, you might get ban for harassment and the other player not.

        My chat is always closed, except in Home games with friends


        • #5
          I played him again and he done the same. I repeated everything he done but it just put fuel in the fire and he done it a lot more. To add insult, others at the table started typing the same

          It's no fun knowing your being abused every time he donks you and types "europa merda", just disappointed chat mods do nothing about it. I won't be calling or complaining again, he wins.

          I'll switch it to my notes tab from now on.
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            Well hes getting what he wants and thats players to get upset and take them off their game. Don't acknowlage him and ignore him. He probably can't play well and needs to do this to win.

            For translation it is " Europe shit "

            What I do when someone isn't speaking english is copy what they say and paste it in google translate. It works well.


            • #7
              I knew what it meant I was letting on to be naive when I posted it but I knew merde is a swear word in French at least.

              Sandtrap explained to me how it works pretty well, if only the email reply was so clear. Bad service from the chat mods but if he doesn't go against the rules then there's nothing can be done. I can avoid him but he won't avoid me.

              As I said, I'll put it on the notes tab and block all chat.
              Bracelet Winner


              • #8
                rember also most players are from europe so they wont upset the players from those countries as they are the new pokerstars ,



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