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cheats caught

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  • cheats caught

    "Hello Dan,

    PokerStars has become aware of two players who were in violation of our poker room rules. You were involved in one or more hands with these players. Based on a rollback of hands in which you may have been harmed, your account has been credited $2.25.

    The integrity of the games at PokerStars is of paramount importance and appropriate action will always be taken when players operate outside the Terms of Service. PokerStars works hard to police the games in order to proactively prevent such instances. However, in cases where it is discovered that rules breaches have occurred, the aim is to ensure that any players affected are compensated appropriately.

    We regret that we will be unable to answer questions as to how your specific credit amount was calculated. Likewise, we are not at liberty to identify the specific games or players in question. Suffice to say that the offenders have been barred from the site and you will not encounter them again.

    Thank you for your continued play at PokerStars. Please let us know if we can help you with any further issues or questions."

    They were obvious. They would raise each other by minimum increments, eventually forcing the third (squeezed) guy out. Then one of them would fold. Both from same country. After seeing them do it twice I mentioned it in chat. Then they both ran. They could have made higher raises or different raises / calls to make it more difficult to pick up but they still eventually would have left a pattern. Always be alert.

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    I've reported 4 sets of colluders and have been correct on each occasion. I've been refunded 3 of the times, the other time the 2 of them never made the cash and i won the tournie.

    The good news is that I've played over 4,000 STT's on here, that's 1 in 1,000 and is not a big amount. Of course there will be some that get through the net but keep an eagle eye on betting patterns and don't be scared to report anything suspicious. My last report was a fifty/50 game where one opponent folded for 7 chips all in. I was a little unsure if they were colluding as I know mistakes can be made but I reported anyway.

    A few tips.

    Never say anything in the chat, just gather the information and let them think they can get away with it.

    If you can, press ctrl+F and type in their names and see if they can be found by the player search. If not, don't worry, keep looking in the lobby and see if you can find them. If they are in another game together, it's still not a sign of colluding but watch their table and their play. Gather your info and report them.

    Being refunded has certainly put my faith in Pokerstars. I've never been refunded on any other site. I count it as an occupational hazzard and while I'm wary of them, I don't worry about them, 1 in 1,000 isn't a great deal. It takes 2 good colluders to get away with it and when their caught they will have their funds confiscated and players refunded.
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      If something is truly random then it should not become predictable..

      TJ Jenkinz


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        Hi all!! Hi there!
        Everything at PokerStars is random, please see the link above for information on the rng. The cheaters were caught colluding and action was taken by PokerStars. PokerStars is always willing to track down and investigate all reports to maintain the integrity of their games
        Have fun and enjoy your self at PSO and PokerStars!
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