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PSO MicroMillions Warm-Up Canceled

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  • PSO MicroMillions Warm-Up Canceled

    Hello PSO

    We are very sorry but we will not be able to fix the problem we encountered with the PSO super sat to the Micro Millions Main Event today and have to cancel it.

    We will compensate those with tickets to another event and will add extra seats to it, there will be an announcement in the coming days

    Team PokerSchoolOnline is very very Sorry for this inconvenience

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    Too bad. oh well, next time them !

    Tx for trying anyway
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      Thanks for the prompt apology Brian - I look forward to the promised announcement and future game opportunity.

      Without being too critical, I have to say this type of thing happens worryingly often - a great PSO promotion for a big Sunday night game, but through some lack of forethought or detail checking it goes pear-shaped at the last minute.

      In this sort of situation I would have thought that once some tickets were issued, advance registration could have been opened so that this problem would have been picked up in time to solve any such problem. Having such a brief registration period seems to serve no purpose here in a limited field ticketed satellite tourney.

      I am disappointed but I still appreciate the opportunity that PSO provided and will be up for whatever replaces this.

      Thanks and good luck all

      Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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          That is ok and thank you for holding on to it for us for a future event Brian.

          A win-win in any event - its not like you had us washing your toilets to qualify for the ticket


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            Ok ty


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              Maybe I was being too kind -

              The BIG problem for me here is that I would certainly have tried to get into this game through sattys etc - but with such a great added value promotion I saw this as my best value to get in and didn't atempt other routes -now this is cancelled I have no option but some more expensive and lower chance Sitngos/Sattys at the last minute - or a direct buy-in - so frankly I have given up on this tourney which I really thought I had a good chance to get in to thanks to PSO.

              The opportunity was very welcome and I hope the replacement is EVEN MORE valuable, but I not only feel disappointed but also that I have even been disavantaged against non-PSO members by looking forward to a failed promo here at PSO.

              So PLEASE think these things through more thoroughly in future.

              Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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                I have to agree with Edin here. Even though this SAT is a bonus to the PSO members, there's still so much value in it so other satellites were rather unattractive in comparison. Let's be honest, the mistake that caused the satellite to be cancelled is pretty brutal. That should never happen in a million years. At least you're going to compensate us (although reaching this amount of value for this specific event will be tough) and I'm really happy about that. Good move. umbup: ....


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                  Yeah I tried to register but said something about not offered to the country you live in. there was only 1 player registered and he just happened to be from................. wait for it GERMANY. DOH ad:ug:ug:ug:


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                    haha, Think of how many more of us would have made it into the game if only Germany had won the war and annexed our respective countries.

                    Fesk and Edin
                    I know one way PSO can make sure something like this never ever happens again. But we would probably not like that solution.

                    I just look at the cancellation as one of those low probability events that sometimes happen, just like any other low probability event that sometimes happens.

                    The actual loss does not really exist and to the extent it does exist, then the loss is due to my planning sub-optimally.

                    If I believed I had a satellite advantage that made me money, then I should have played the satellites in any event. Both on the off-chance I could not make this high value one for some reason or another, and also because if I did and also did qualify, then I could collect the t-dollars to let me play one or more future events. And even with the value added, I should still have had a back up plan in case it did not pan out.

                    As it stands, the added value of this tournament is simply deferred. We will get our tourney later. My decision not to be part of the main event was my own. I either did not plan properly to cover unfavorable events, or I did not want to put up the 22 bucks.

                    And no matter what, I still got the added long term value of the live training. Which is probably worth more than any ticket as the live training value endures far longer than any ticket.

                    That is my way of looking at it at least. Everything is always good for something


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                      er thanks!

                      I tried to register also but it was unavailable to my country? For the past two weeks I have been building toward this event with great anticipation, I have a very small br and certainly have not been playing as long as some of you guys, I have enjoyed the classes I have attended and felt good and really grateful for the unexpected chance to really change my fortunes. The games I have seen, also my improvement after blowing through I don't know how many re-loads I thought I was on what I could term "The Right Track" but now this oversight has left me feeling doubtful over the whole process that I have experienced over the past 6 - 8 months or even over the past 5- 6 years that my playing has increased and I started taking poker a bit more seriously, going from a home game with friends, at this moment seems such a waste of time.

                      On the face of it it may appear a trivial oversight, but I personally have been telling the people I meet in the poker games I play on Stars! (on other sites) About this journey I've been on, about the school and the people that are here to help you improve, about the games and the wide selection that are available here.

                      I am not sure if my "Poker Journey" is over but it certainly feels like it right about now, most of my friends know about how much I have been playing recently as my self-confidence in my game has grown and I have started winning more I have told everyone of my friends on Facebook and Twitter on Facebook alone I have 596 friends with whom I have daily contact from all over the world that have all been sharing In my trip so maybe someone can actually look at this small oversight and maybe put an actual dollar amount on the bad feeling this seemingly small mistake could cost? I would like to know!

                      I would like for my poker to improve and make a little money from it, as I know that is why we are all here, I have heard it said and repeated many times over the past few years where people have called poker the new "chess"! I think that the standing and background that poker has been spawned/risen from is probably not the best start for something I see that could become so much more, but to grow from the backwater underhand easy money publicity driven cash hungry beast it is at present and become a real way for obviously like minded intelligent book reading supposed NERDS to meet and share a common interest it will have to be totally transparent in its operation, also take responsibility for the position in modern culture as Stars has assumed the role of entertainer, I realise this rant will have little if no notice taken, and I will post it too my "blog" to see if anyone else can learn from my personal experience.
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                        Hello PSO

                        You can find all details HERE for the replacement tourney

                        Best Of Luck


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