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thank you pokerstars poker education dept.

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  • thank you pokerstars poker education dept.

    this is a big thank you to pokerstars ed. dept. for coming up with an idea to retain some of the dwindling (i'm sure) US members at PSO. unrestricting material for a market that has no way to gain VPPs is a wise move imo. i WILL be telling my friends that left due to these restrictions (and there were quite a few) that they have finally been lifted...
    .again THANK YOU,
    May the tinfoil protect you. MT

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    I agree MT and it's even a SMART business decision on their part as it does them a lot of potential good to foster whatever good will they can with American players who are still trying to find reasons to remain involved here to keep us as enthused at they can about the site in case we can return at some point.

    If we can't...what do they lose by doing this?


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      friends that left due to these restrictions (and there were quite a few)
      They left?
      Because they couldn't watch some videos (with the amount of stuff available on the 'net that you need a few lifetimes just to sift through) ?


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        Originally posted by Don B. Cilly View Post
        They left?
        Because they couldn't watch some videos (with the amount of stuff available on the 'net that you need a few lifetimes just to sift through) ?

        I can't speak for MT Don,but yeah...I've had plenty of my fellow American friends who have left since BF and the dustup over the handling of the videos was most definitely one of the reasons. It wasn't just the denial of access but how it was handled quite frankly.

        You haven't been here when the US contingent(no slight to you,just pointing that out is all...) was still playing for money on the site and though the reasons we aren't have a million times more to do with our clusterphuck government than they do with Stars we have,too many times, have been made to feel like we were being given the cold shoulder since then. And prior to BF I don't think there would be much argument that we were the most prevalent group of players from any single country here (much like on the site itself for that matter...).

        Not always have we been made to feel this way to be sure, and Stars 1001% stepped up to the plate to make sure we were paid our monies when we cashed out our accounts---much unlike that site fronted by a couple players whom I try not to mention anymore but rather spit when I hear their names. And we DO understand that this IS a business. No problems.

        But the last few months we,and I think it touches those of you who CAN play for money even more deeply,have been made to feel like commodities instead of consumers. And there is a difference.

        Yesterday we were made to feel welcome again and that counts for a lot. So yeah,we hope that this is a new start.


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          meh was gonna reply, but no need. this was aimed at stars not at Don, so have a nice day
          May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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            Hey, I was the first to reply (positively) to the decision.
            And subsequently stated some of my reasons for the approval.

            It just doesn't seem to me like a reason for leaving PSO.
            So you can't watch some of the videos... not as if there's a shortage of those around, these may be the best of the best, but still...

            So you leave and miss out on the rest of the stuff as well, that looks to me like hammering your left foot to cure a sore on the right one

            To me, to be able to interact with... JDean and The Langolier, just to mention two prominent American contributors here is a lot more valuable than any videos I've seen.


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              Don, i agree that they should've stayed . after all i did stay. but alot of Americans were indeed put off by the changes intelli. started putting forth. and DID leave.
              the funniest part of your post was, it seemed you thought i was full of it when i said i knew a few peeps that left.
              and the several lifetimes of info here (actually you said net) i also found amusing.(i didn't say they left the net) yes the net is LOADED with info, but alot of info HERE is directed at beginners and doesn't need to be read or watched by more advanced players, hopefully after you've been here a little longer, you'll see what i mean.
              May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                No no, I never thought anyone was full of anything, just that maybe they left the right place (videos notwithstanding) and all - sorry, my surname gets the better of me again

                Methinks they may just have overreacted a wee bit.

                You know what one of my top chat phrases is?
                "Hey. You not supposed to play here if you not 18"
                (I leave the "are"s out on purpose, I tend to use Standard Pidgin in chat)


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                  Heh, you not only one Don, some of top dawgs who speak natively do here too. Don't look too professional when do it either. Thanks again Christin. umbup: One small step for US poker player, one giant leap....
                  Last edited by !!!111Dan; Sun Feb 26, 2012, 03:24 AM. Reason: clarity... =P



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